What is Google WiFi Systems and How Does it Works?

Google has emerged as a benchmark of excellence in whatever it launches. From its massive search engine, Google Search to Chrome browser, Gmail, Google Drive, Google Maps, Google Fiber, and Chromebooks, there’s an extensive list of Google products. Each of these products has given its competitors a tough battle and has won it with flying colors. So, when it comes to Google launching its own Wi-Fi, people are more than willing to make a switch.

The second generation of Google Wi-Fi has been out in the United States since November 2019. It is now available in other countries as well. Not everyone has heard about this mesh networking just like not everyone is aware of Net Neutrality. We are here to help you understand what Google Wi-Fi has to offer in comparison to your average router.

Introduction to Google Wi-Fi

The first generation of Google Wi-Fi was launched in 2016. It brought attention to the mesh network market because it was a completely different and innovative thing without any extenders and signal boosters. This was a single, hassle-free wireless network solution for all your devices. When you move from one room to another, you will seamlessly move to another network node instead of physically switching out.

Google Wi-Fi has a visually subtle design as compared to the usual brick design of a regular router. It is like a hockey puck that’s double stacked. You will switch to a smarter design and the amenity ensures beaming a powerful signal across your home. It is capable of handling multiple devices at a time and ensures no bandwidth congestion. If you are streaming a movie in your living room and kids are gaming online in the basement, there will be no contest for the bandwidth.

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How Does It Work?

To have a boosted network and signal strength, you put several of these routers or points around the house. It has a primary node that connects directly to the internet modem. The wireless coverage of this modem is switched off. Then the other nodes of this network mesh are to be placed in optimum positions throughout the house. With the Google Home app, a dedicated application, you can set up the whole network. Once the network is set up, the Wi-Fi signals will reach every nook and corner of the house.

Google Wi-Fi is an expandable system that ensures better coverage. Multiple routers work together and deliver strong signals across the house. The mesh network ensures no black spots in the connectivity. It works in such a way that the routers figure out which one of them should be connected to your device for seamless connectivity. This means no internet outage or drops in coverage if you step out in your back yard or go to the basement. All the changes in connectivity would be automatic and you don’t need to change any settings manually.

How Many Routers Do You Need?

For a smaller home that is up to 1,500 square feet, only one Google Wi-Fi router is recommended. If you want to enhance coverage, you can always add more points. If your house has multiple floors, invest in at least two routers. One for the ground floor and another for the first floor. The investment is worth it.

Google offers a 3-pack set than gives coverage to 4,500 square feet.

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Other Features of Google Wi-Fi

Google Wi-Fi offers a number of great features. We are going to discuss a few of them briefly.

Scheduled Pause

Google Wi-Fi offers this feature. It allows you to pause the internet and you can disrupt the Wi-Fi automatically for regular events like homework time or bedtime for kids. They can focus better when the internet is off. If you have trouble falling asleep because of the temptation of surfing the web or social media, this feature can help you. This feature can also help children who are trying to limit the screen time of their children, a pretty common parenting challenge. So, the next time your children say no to the dinner because their eyes are glued to the gadget screens, take advantage of this feature. once you set up a time, the internet will be paused automatically for specific devices. You can do all this using the Google Wi-Fi app.

Network Assist

Another interesting feature is Network Assist. It allows you to actively manage and optimize your network. The Wi-Fi handles the networking as well as channel picking automatically. You don’t have to do it manually. It will ensure keeping the signal strength optimal across the house and transitioning your devices to the best node/router for the best speed and no congestion.


In the United States, Google Wi-Fi costs around $99 for one and $229 for three base stations. While in the United Kingdom, it costs around £129 for one and £229 for three base stations.

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Personally, when I got my Google Wi-Fi router, I sought assistance from Spectrum support but didn’t change my package. And the internet signal strength within my house improved noticeably with the same internet package.


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