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First-Time Inverter Buyer? Here’s Your Guide to Buying the Best Inverter Battery in India

As a first-time buyer, you are bound to get confused with all the inverter battery options out there. Therefore, choosing the best inverter battery for your home or office can seem like a daunting task when every inverter battery you come across promises the exact same thing—being the best.

But we all have to agree that every product is unique in its own way and has its list of pros and cons. Plus, the best battery is the one that solves your purpose and requirements, and that’s it. However, finding that one battery can take hours or even days if you compare them, as the market for inverter batteries is an ever-expanding one, and the number of available products is increasing by the day. 

So, we are here to help by mentioning a few points that will help you choose the right battery within your price range so that you don’t end up burning a hole in your pocket. Let’s get started! 

Inverter Battery

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Creating a Checklist

The end goal of the best inverter battery is to serve your requirements, period. Therefore, you first need to figure out what you are expecting from it. For instance, do you want a battery that provides backup for longer power cuts or shorter power cuts? Or do you want a battery that can run all of your home appliances or only a few essential appliances? Jot down any questions that come to your mind and create a checklist to tick them off later while comparing batteries, and choose the best inverter battery for you accordingly. 

Choosing the Make and Build of the Battery

You can choose between 3 types of batteries: GEL, Tubular, and Flat Plate. While all of them are equally good, they are designed to serve different purposes.

  1. GEL: The most eco-friendly of the three, these are based on the latest GEL technology, which makes them 20% more efficient compared to other batteries in their class. 
  2. Tubular: These have a complex design and comparatively larger size. Plus, they come with impressive load capacities and are exceptional at running heavy load equipment for an extended period. 
  3. Flat Plate: These batteries are compact and great for homes with limited space and are exceptional when it comes to handling frequent power cuts for shorter durations.

So, explore and choose a battery type that best serves your purpose. In short, if you live in an area with frequent and short power cuts and lack a dedicated space for the battery, a flat plate battery is a better option. But if you want more environment-friendly, then go for a GEL battery. On the other hand, if you want a battery that can support a range of heavy-load appliances for extended periods, then a tubular battery would be the perfect fit for your home. 

Brand of the Battery

A battery’s brand plays a major role because the better the brand’s reputation, the better the battery’s service life would be. Moreover, great brands only use the latest technology and the best of components while manufacturing their batteries, which contributes to the battery’s overall quality. So, choosing a brand that’s known for its value proposition would go miles in ensuring that your battery has a long cycle life and offers the most value for your money. 

Speaking of brands, Luminous has been a market leader in the home power backup space, and their batteries come with one of the best service lives in the industry. Moreover, they are renowned for their after-sales and customer support so that you are just one step away from getting the best inverter battery.

So, now that you know the things you need to keep in mind when buying a battery, check out Luminous’ catalog of inverter batteries right away to pick the best inverter battery that’s right for you! 

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