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How Do You Unlock Hero in Afk Arena?

Once you download the AFK arena, playing the game is usually not a big problem. The problem comes in when you want to unlock heroes in the game. I mean, most people don’t have any idea how to unlock the heroes. Well, you don’t have to stress anymore. We are here to give you all the information you need on unlocking heroes in the AFK arena and how to download afk arena

Unlocking new heroes

All you need to do is play the game in the right way. This is the key milestone in unlocking heroes in this game. Android Games Download from Apk Circle comes with a lot of features. You need to know how to use each of the AFK arena games. Here are a few techniques to use to get new heroes.

Hero soul stone

This is a feature in the AFK arena game. To unlock heroes you need to use this feature by just collecting and putting hero soulstone together. You will get an elite hero soulstone and a rare hero soulstone in this game. Each type may have different numbers. With 60 of any hero soulmate type, you can put them together and get either of the hero soulmate types. In case you have at least some kind of hero soulstone, all you need to do is combine them. 

Hero scrolls

The AFK arena game features common hero scrolls. You need to put together the common hero scrolls to obtain heroes in the game. This is usually a give and receive deal. You simply give out a common hero from your game and get a new hero in exchange. The more you complete chapters in events and campaigns and play weekly and daily quest, the more you get common hero scrolls that you can use for exchange. You will receive new exchange heroes from Ranhorn located at the bottom menu. You can exchange 10 scrolls for 10 heroes or 1 scroll for 1 hero at a time.


Diamonds are also another way of getting new heroes. This is through the purchase methods. You should ensure you have enough diamonds to make a purchase. Kings’ tower, quests, campaigns, and other activities will help you get more diamonds. You can also buy diamonds with money. With the diamonds, you can purchase heroes. 300 diamonds can buy you, one hero. Just get to Noble Tavern in the Ranhorn and choose the hero to buy depending on the number of diamonds you have.


In the store, you can purchase heroes with coins. You can retire heroes to get more coins which in return will be used in purchasing new heroes. To get a rare hero, you need 4800 coins. For the labyrinth tab, to get an elite hero you need to use 45000 labyrinth tokens.

Companion Points

This is the most straightforward technique to get heroes. Send companion points to friends in the AFK arena game to receive more points. You might not receive many points but they will be enough to get you a new hero.

Finals words

Playing the AFK arena game is not so hard. All you need to do is look for tricks that will make you play the game like a pro. Study all the features, research about what each feature do and all will be well. The Afk arena game gets even more interesting when you have new heroes. 


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