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How To Be The Best JS Developer In 2021?

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Jobs in IT always look tempting due to relatively high wages and attractive employment conditions. One of the most common positions that people are looking for is a front-end developer.

If you want to try your own hand at development, keep in mind that promising vacancies attract not only you. It is important to make every effort so that your future employer chooses your candidacy. But remember: nothing is impossible.

Best JS Developer

Three years ago, I myself was just beginning to master the front-end, and the requirements in all vacancies were so different that it seemed as if companies were looking for completely different specialists. I didn’t know where to start learning and what skills are most important, and therefore I grabbed at everything.

Now I have managed to get used to the profession and have learned to structure my education. Therefore, I decided to share knowledge that, perhaps, will help you to more efficiently use your time and effort in training. I want to tell you about the basic skills that June must have in order to increase the chances of finding a job for react js developer.

All specialist skills are divided into the following two categories:

  1. Technical skills or hard skills are knowledge in development, without which you simply cannot complete tasks. It is they who set the threshold for entering the profession. Employers are primarily interested in technical skills.
  2. Soft skills are your additional qualities as an employee and a specialist. They are also noticed in interviews. Moreover, for novice developers, it is often software skills that play a decisive role in hiring, because employers are often interested in raising a young specialist in their own state.
  3. Of course, each company requires its own unique skill set. Therefore, I tried to include in the list the most important and useful skills that will help you both in employment and in the work itself.

Hard skills for a beginner front-end developer

For the front-end and layout, the HTML hypertext markup language is the base. The ability to work with it is one of the most important skills that a young specialist needs in work and to understand other technologies.

Pay additional attention during training to the following points:

adaptive layout – allows you to create universal interfaces that adapt to the screen resolution of a user device – a smartphone, PC or tablet;

semantic layout is important for preliminary search engine optimization of resources at the development stage.

Mastering these skills will provide you with an added advantage in employment.

Probably the most valuable source of information for programmers can be found in Fireart. On it you can find useful and understandable for a beginner materials about HTML, as well as about all the technologies that are listed later in this article.


The ability to work with cascading style sheets is also a must have. Many people think that this tool is more for a layout designer than for a developer, but still the ability to work with it provides important basic knowledge.

When learning CSS, it is important to master:

  • cross-browser layout;
  • float property or working with flexbox for positioning items;
  • tools in the xbox panel;
  • stream cleaning methods;
  • control of the visibility of elements – overflow, display, visibility;
  • CSS grid layout;
  • how selectors work;
  • layout for mobile devices.

In addition, it is worth exploring the basic principles of mobile-first, which will be needed to create modern interfaces with an emphasis on convenience for mobile devices.

Best JS Developer

JavaScript Skills

Learning JS allows you to form a solid foundation for further work with frameworks. In addition, knowledge of this programming language will help solve complex problems in layout, as well as quickly localize and find problem areas in the code.

You will need to master:

  • variables;
  • data types;
  • operators;
  • cycles;
  • functions;
  • type conversion;
  • context (this).

In addition, you should be familiar with JavaScript iterators and generators. This learn.javascript resource provides a well-structured library of JS information to help you build a solid knowledge base.

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