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How to check the originality of Samsung phone

Samsung is a well known and reputed brand and hence provide their customers with quality products and services. Samsung manufactures a variety of products such as smartphones, tv, refrigerator, and various other electronic appliances. Although these are costly products but are worth their prices. These are easily affordable and accessible by customers. But it is very important to figure out the difference between fake and original products. As many retailers are selling fake products. Even some repair shops sell fake parts of the phone. So one must visit only a reputed and best Samsung repairs in the market. There are some tips through which one can figure out the originality of the phone.

Points to consider while buying or repairing smartphone:–

  • ‌IMEI number:- Every original smartphone has its unique IMEI number. It can be seen on the packaging or under the phone’s battery. To ensure the originality of the phone, one can dial *06 on the phone so that no one can make you fool by selling fake phones.
  • ‌Batteries and chargers:- It is difficult to figure out whether the battery is original or not. As these are easier to copy. Moreover, but one should make sure to buy it from a registered manufacturer or retailer. One can also look for in accurate label placement, etc. It can also be looked for that original products always offer a warranty.
  • ‌Know the phone:- To avoid being fooled by the retailer or repair shop, one must keep oneself aware of the detailed information about the phone such as model, available colors, features, etc. It will help in the identification of fake phones.
  • ‌Appearance:- One must see through the phone appearance such as color, location of buttons, size, etc. There may be a difference in the weight of the phone.
  • ‌Features:- It may also be possible that retailers can sell the phone by offering the features which might not be there. For example, offering a smartphone with a 16-megapixel phone but in reality, it is less than that.
  • ‌Functionality:- In the fake products, cheap products or parts may be used which may provide the same functions but at a lower speed or quality.
  • ‌Availability:- The retailers sell fake products only when there is no availability of original products in the market. Hence, these opportunities are taken by retailers when manufacturers are out of stock.

Hence, these must be kept in mind while buying a smartphone so that customer doesn’t get befooled with fake phones. One must also take care of the above tips even while getting the phone repaired. Fake phones in the market not only cheat the customers but also leads to the degradation of the reputation of the company. As the user’s trust got broken up. One must visit the officially registered Samsung centers to repair my Samsung phones. Registered Samsung centers provide the phones or accessories with a guarantee or warranty. In this way, even the customers remain satisfied and their trust in the company remains renovated. Moreover, these centers have experienced professionals who can deal with every model or problem of Samsung smartphones. If in guarantee, they even replace the phone parts or accessories.



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