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How To Choose A Firewood For Burning?

I wonder how relaxing it feels to sit in front of a fireplace during a chilly winter day. A fireplace needs adequate fuel to keep burning and keep the room warm. Moreover, a chimney is constructed to channel the smoke out of the burning place.

The choice of firewood has a great effect on the efficiency of burning. In short, if the wood is of inferior quality, it may lead to improper burning and production of harmful pollutants. Now, I will tell you some points to keep in mind while buying the product from bulk firewood for sale.

Analyze The Moisture Content

Moisture content in the wood is expressed as a percentage of the dry weight of the wood. It needs to vary between 12-20% for effective burning. On the other hand, if the moisture is high, then it will not burn properly and result in the production of excess smoke.

Though it is measure with a moisture meter, you can also predict it with observation. When you pick a higher moisture content wood, it will feel heavy as compared to the dried wood. Also, high water content wood appears dark at the centre when splitting into half.

Types Of Firewood Available

Each firewood category has specific characteristics and you can use one of them according to your preference. It may depend on the cost, efficiency of burning, or the size of your fireplace. The different types of firewoods are:

  • Mixed Eco Hardwood – It consists of a combination of several hardwood burning tree species like eucalypts.
  • Redgum Hardwood – Redgum ranges from a pink color to dark brown. In addition, it is easy to burn and great for long-lasting fires.
  • Ironbark Firewood – This is so named after its hard, dark, and compact bark. It releases less soot as compared to other firewoods. Moreover, it is a very popular choice for open fireplaces or combustion fireplaces.
  • Box Firewood – It is one of the premier types of firewood. Although it is difficult to start, it is the longest and hottest burning type of firewood. Presently, many enterprises have enlisted firewood box for sale on their websites.
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Try To Purchase From A Certified Portal

With the increase in the size of the market for firewood, many players have entered this business. Therefore, there is a lot of scope for adulteration of the product. A consumer not having adequate awareness may end up buying faulty firewood.

There are Firewood associations in the countries which specify the guidelines for the products. Whenever there is an offer of bulk firewood for sale, try to know whether the enterprise is certified or not. Always try to buy from an authorized company for reliable products. Further, you can opt for online purchasing with attractive offers like bulk firewood sales in NSW (New South Wales).

Final Takeaways

To conclude, firewood is an important item of purchase in temperate areas to counter the chilling effect in winters. But, while buying firewood, some factors need consideration. Firstly, analyze the moisture content of the wood to avoid excess smoke and burn efficiently. Make the choice of wood which has water content between 12-20%.

Furthermore, opt for firewood of your choice depending on whether you want it to last longer or burn easily at start. Always be careful to purchase from a certified source and go for mixed firewood rather than the single one. This will contribute to a mix of several features of each firewood and keep your home warm and cozy.


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