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How To Get More Result Out Of Your Photography?

Who doesn’t want to capture stunning pictures while one has a good camera right in the hand? Almost everyone, I guess. But as it turns out, you can’t capture a good picture by just randomly clicking. Most probably the first a dozen pictures you captured were boring and not-very-good. Maybe this number is even more than a dozen. The more you capture photographs, the more you gain experience. So that you take better pictures than you did before.

To capture stunning images like you usually see online, you need to use your creativity, experience, tricks. In this article, we will discuss 6 best photography tactics in 2020 to help you capture better pictures than you do now. Hope these will be handy to get you a more positive result.

6 Crucial Ways To Get More Result Out Of Your Photography

1. Placing Subject in the frame

This is the part you should judge carefully. A very common mistake is placing the main subject in the middle of the frame. This is a bad practice. It makes your picture look very ordinary. To make your picture interesting, try to keep your subject elsewhere apart from the center. You can use ‘The Rule of Third’ to get a better picture without any real effort. It means putting your subject on any of those dots that are crossed by two 3:3 grid lines. You can turn on grids from your camera setting to get help on it.

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Also, while you are placing your subject in the frame, look at its surroundings for any distractions. Any object that might distract the viewer’s eyes from the subject should not be in the frame. For example- notice if there are any tree branches behind your subject that look like they are growing from your subject’s head.

2. Dealing with light

Lights are the second most interesting element of a photograph. Lighting can either destroy your picture or make it beautiful. Depends on how you utilize it. Try to avoid harsh lighting that creates a disturbance, especially on your subject. But also make sure your subject is not in the dark. Always try to keep your subject sufficiently illuminated compared to the rest of the frame. You can use your camera flashlight if you feel a lack of light, even if it is outdoors. Use soft or bright light and shadows wisely depending on your composition.

3. Capturing from various angles

Capturing from various angles instead of straight eye-level is another good practice. Perspective is something you can play with. You should try to capture your subject from different perspectives. Sometimes you would be amazed to see how a normal scene turns to a beautiful one just because the angle is changed.

4. Using some tricks

There are a few very easy and adorable tricks that can make your photo more attractive. These tricks are about drawing attention. If your picture can draw attention to itself with a good scene then it will be considered as a nice picture. A common trick to do is to use reflection. We somehow like to see reflections. Keep reflections in your picture whenever you get an opportunity. For example- a reflection on window glass, water, sunglasses, etc.

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Another trick is to capture pictures with repeating patterns. It means a scene that has the same line or color or shapes over and over. For example- Some windows on a wall, Boxes on a showcase, etc. You can either put them as the background of your main subject or on the side. Just make sure your subject is not in a lack of attention before you capture.

5. Be the director

When you capture pictures, your job is not only to click the shutter. You should sometimes give your subject some direction to pose or act. For example- you can tell your subject to smile or raise his/her eyebrow. It depends on the mood of the picture. You can also choose the location of the photograph.

Sometimes you can add some elements in the frame. Like juice can, watch, table clock, flower, etc. It depends on your choice and creativity. Direct the scene as you want to.

6. Image post-production

You might think this part is less necessary for getting good pictures. But image editing is quite important to get a stunning photograph. Especially when you are looking for ways to get more results out of your photography, this step is effective to help you. You can put on some magnificent photo effects on your picture to make it gorgeous. Photo effects can really enhance your picture quality.

You can also raise or reduce brightness, shadow, color, saturation, etc. if they look imperfect. You may also need to change them to follow up on your composition. When a picture should carry a message, you can make it more visible by changing these features. Most of the time, while you capture a picture, you should keep image post-processing on your mind to improve creative photography ability.

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Photography is actually about emotion. It reflects thoughts, ideas, perspectives, and a lot. You have to think creatively and out of the box to get your masterpiece. Tricks and rules discussed above will not make you an expert photographer. But they will help you improve. To be a good photographer, you should always improve yourself. These tricks, if you use properly, will help capture better pictures. Keep improving yourself to be a good photographer and to capture heart satisfying images.If you want to make your wedding memorable then wedding photography melbourne is the best option to opt for.


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