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How to Hide Your Likes on Facebook

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Facebook apps can be found in every smartphone user’s menu and there is hardly anyone who hasn’t used Facebook. With a similar notion, it wouldn’t be wrong to say that businesses are making it big on Facebook as well because it is providing them higher exposure. This is why there are hundreds and thousands of business pages on Facebook. 

However, these Facebook pages require an increased number of likes for better outlook of the business. These likes are often available to the public and everyone who is visiting the page can look at the number of likes. Still, if you want to hide the number of likes from your Facebook page, we have added everything that you need to know in this article. Have a look! 

Types of Facebook Likes

When it comes down to the likes, there is a huge variety of likes available. Even if you look at your profile, you will be able to see multiple categories of likes based on the niches. The likes belong to music, interest, television, clothing, activities, sports books, celebrities, games, movies, food, websites, and much more. As a profile owner, you will be able to control if people can view the   and what you have liked. This means that you can easily hide the music band that you have likes on Facebook

Privatizing The Likes

When you are talking about Facebook, it will be pretty easy to mask the thoughts and if you intend on keeping the likes private, we have added all the steps that you need to follow. All the steps have been added below and it is advised to follow them precisely for optimized results, such as;

  • Login to your Facebook account 
  • Go to the profile page 
  • Click on the more button from the menu bar (the menu bar is available just below the cover photo)
  • Click on likes
  • Tap on manage 
  • Click on edit the privacy of your likes 
  • Tao on the downward triangle
  • Choose the privacy settings, such as public, friends, close friends, family, only me, and custom 
  • If you want to complete privacy, click on the “only me” options 
  • Once clicked on the only me option, click on the close button 
  • And done! 
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