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How to Measure Curtains to Get the Right Size?

How to measure curtains to get the right size is significant. You have to consider measurements when you are shopping for curtains for your home. A few tips are necessary if you want to make sure that you get a good deal for curtainin Dubai.

Measure Curtains

The calculation is the first thing to look at. Measure how long and wide you want your curtains to be. Try to get a ruler so that you know exactly how many inches you need.

Ensure right size measurements for your curtains

Using measurements to measure curtains is an easy way to ensure that you are getting the right size for your curtains. By taking measurements of your curtain panels, then the retailer can give you the correct measurements to fit the panels. If the measurements are exact, it will be easy to choose the right type of fabric for your curtains. Sizes to measure curtains also allow you to ensure that you get the right balance between color and design. It is essential to ensure that your curtains are the right size because they will have to be stitched to the window before they go up. Not having the correct measurements means that your curtains may not fit properly.

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 Mark up your panels to count down measurements

The steps involved in measuring curtains are simple; it is just a case of marking the boards up and counting down to make sure that you get the right measurements. After the groups are all marked up, take the number of curtain panels to be measured out to the workbench. You will start from it well. Take the first panel at a time and check to see if the measurement is correct. If it is, go on to the next group. Continue until you have taken all the groups to be measured. Again take the measurements to measure curtains before you go out to buy them.

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Levels of measurement to fit correctly

You will get an idea of how much work is needed to install the new curtains properly. If you’re looking to provide your curtains yourself, the first step is to measure the length of the panel first. A guideline can use to mark the width of the curtain panel so that it doesn’t get counted twice. Then take a piece of paper or card and pencil in the width of the board. Repeat this process for the height of the board.

Then you need to measure the opening. For window treatments, this is an area around the window. Measure the square feet of the window opening. It gives you a good picture of the curtains you are going to purchase.

Colors match with your fabric 

The next thing you need to do is find out what color you want your curtains to be. The easiest way to get the color is to open the curtain fabric. Find out what the colors are on the structure and then find out what the same colors are in the curtains. From there, you can purchase the curtains that you like best.

Measure Curtains

 Make your fabric custom made 

Now that you have the fabric, it is time to cut it. It can seem like a boring job, but it can be accomplished in various ways. To begin with, take a small piece of fabric.

  • Next, with a ruler or a good knife, cut the fabric down into an excellent tablecloth shape. It helps to use a straight edge as it will be easier to cut it. However, you do not have to measure any of the seams since it will just make things look messy.
  • After you have all of your fabric cut, it is time to lay it out on the surface that you will use to put the pieces together. Make sure that the measuring tape is set up inside of a large box so that you can get a good idea of how much space you will need for each section.
  • Then, you need to take the measurements on the tape. That way, when you begin assembling the curtains, you can keep track of where you want the sections to fit in. It will be easier to position the pieces later on.
  • After you have the pieces set up, you can begin to set them up according to the pattern that you are using. Now, measure how many parts you will need for the opening and the sides. You will want to have enough for the length of the window and the length of the curtain rod as well.
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  • Once you have these measurements, you can count them out and see which one you will need to fit your curtain rod. Put the measures down so that you can see which part needs to be attached to the window. You may need to buy more than one curtain rod if the one you buy does not fit your window perfectly.


You can find the curtain rod at a local store or through online retailers. Many times, you can get a good deal on this. Also, you can quickly assemble them as you go along. If you are not doing it yourself, you can set them up by yourself.

These are the things that you should consider when you are going to measure curtains. You can save money and get the right looking curtains for your windows.


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