How to measure the Real ROI of Tableau software?

Tableau is an enterprise-ready and next-gen business analysis software which is used by business worldwide. By now, we all know about what value does Tableau holds for our business. The invaluable information it provides anytime and anywhere. Plus, with self-service capabilities, any business users can gain actionable insights at the drop of a hat. But, if you are still contemplating about the real ROI of having a Tableau software in your business, then this blog comes a great piece of information.

This blog helps you understand the real value of having Tableau software in your business and you can measure it. You will know the performance evaluators that BI tool is doing well in your business.


Evaluate the time spent by each team member for deriving insights

The best way to monitor the performance protocols is to see your team is using BI to their best. How much time they are spending to derive data? Measure how quickly can they save their time or dig out data from Tableau dashboards. Dive in the past and recall how much time they could have saved from Tableau when they used to find data from the heaps of paper or excel sheets. This will give you the true value and help you know that you are saving tons of time and efforts of your team members which is now spent on making strategic activities. By measuring the speed of making decisions, you can quantify how quickly your team is benefiting from new analytics and reports. If your software is enabling you with critical insights on the fly, you are doing good.


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Think about additional costs associated, if any

Is your BI tool necessitating additional databases, data warehouses to keep up with the pace of speed and performance? Does your business intelligence tool require additional IT staff or intensive training to get it running? If your software is not user friendly or intuitive enough, you may need to hire additional support to derive critical insights. Tableau software is a smart software that enables you to work without any additional support or guidance, but if you are still facing some problem it’s time to get it reviewed by an expert.


Figuring out the total annual budget

While various factors can determine it. The most important ones are for how many employees you have taken the Tableau license? Is it creator, viewer or explorer licenses? How many people have you involved with Tableau implementation, consulting, and other services? All these factors must be taken into account.

Tableau is a smart and intelligent BI software that is packed with awesome features and functionalities. With 70+ connectors, it facilitates integration with almost everything. So, if you want to know about Tableau license price, or want to know whether your current software is reaping the benefits, you must contact the team of experts to help you with your desired questions.

Before you make any investment decisions, it is viable that you take a demo with Tableau experts or a trial to see how this software accommodates your business. This way, you would know whether is genuinely a self-service solution, or just a mere trick to entice business towards it. You can also gain a fair idea of how much value Tableau software will bring for your business.

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