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How To Prepare Your Kitchen For the Upcoming Fall And Winter!

You don’t eat the same dishes in winter as you would in the spring – a lot of things change with the seasons, and your kitchen is no exception. Not only will you and your family be eating different stuff, but you’ll also be making more coffee. And we can’t forget about Christmas, Thanksgiving, and Halloween!

Now that we’ve established that some pretty big things are coming with the change of seasons, we can get into the nitty-gritty of how to best prepare ourselves, our apartments, our houses, and our kitchens for the winter.

Make Space for the Change

The first thing you’ll need to do is to declutter the cabinets if only to make way for all the things you’ll be putting into them in the winters. We’re talking about the hot chocolate mixes, all the baking you’ll do, and all the soups and roasts you’ll make. All this needs some extra storage space and maybe even a little more prep space on the counters. 


Check Your Pipes

There’s no bigger nightmare than to not have hot water in the taps during winter – not to mention the risk it poses to your plumbing to have things freeze over in the pipes when it gets super cold.

To avoid any last minute accidents or disastrous breakages happening when you need hot water the most, have your pipes and plumbing looked at before the winter season, and ensure that everything is in order.

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When winter comes knocking, keep the cabinet doors under the sink slightly open at night so the heating in your home can keep your pipes warm too, and maybe turn your faucet on to just a slow drip – as long as you keep the water moving it won’t freeze.

Get Your Oven Ready

Winters mean a lot of baking and not much grilling for most people, which makes it a really good idea to make sure your oven is running smoothly.

You can check the oven temperature to make sure it’s accurate (use an oven thermometer for it). Make sure that you clear up some extra counter space for all the baking you’ll do, and that you know where all the warm spots in your kitchen are – they’ll come in handy when you’re baking bread.

Kitchen Improvement

Stock Up on Summer Produce

If you think you can’t last the winters without certain fruits and seasonal items, stock up on them and freeze them. Mangoes, for example, make delicious milkshakes that you might not want to miss out on in the winters. You can buy fresh mangoes from the supermarket and freeze them to last through the winters.

You can even make jams and sauces with fresh fruits like the apples that come in September – imagine some apple jam and toast with your pumpkin spice lattes in December!

Do You Have Enough Bowls?

This isn’t just a metaphorical question – you might not have eaten any ice cream or cereals in the summer, or you may have broken some bowls in the last few months. This might have been fine when you didn’t need bowls that much, but now you need to take stock of how many you have or if you need to buy new ones.

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This is because you’ll be drinking a lot of soups and making stews and broths in the winter. You can’t really eat those in flatware now can you?

Stock Up on Winter Staples

Next time you go shopping, remember all the things you’ll be eating more in the winters and buy more of them. This includes dried pasta, beans, tomato sauce, and chicken stock.

You’ll even need to check if you have all the baking essentials. Flour, baking powder, yeast, and whatever else you’ll need at hand for your winter snacks. For example, if you like to bake brownies and chocolate chip cookies, you’ll want to buy some cooking chocolate and chocolate chips, brown sugar, and vanilla essence.

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