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How to Streamline Your Delivery Processes: A Guide

Could you imagine your company making 7 million deliveries a month?


HelloFresh makes 7.2 million deliveries every month. The deliveries span across 3 continents and 9 countries. It’s no surprise that the meal subscription company has a value of about $2.18 billion dollars, and growing.

One of the ways HelloFresh rose to the top was by streamlining its delivery processes. If you own an e-commerce store or need to deliver products to customers, this article is for you.

We’ll show you everything you need to know about making deliveries. From using the right technology to focusing on customer needs, there’s a lot you can do.

What’s the secret behind having the best delivery times in your industry? Read on to find out.

Simplify the Payment Process

To streamline your delivery processes, begin by making payments more manageable. In the e-commerce environment, cart abandonment is a major issue.

Customers fill up their cards with potential purchases. Instead of sealing the deal, these customers give up when they hit the payment portal.

Why does cart abandonment happen? There can be a few different reasons. For one, if the preferred payment method isn’t available, customers will go elsewhere.

A lot of people will only use one form of payment online for security reasons. We suggest offering a variety of payment methods on your company’s website. Make sure you accommodate the most popular payment methods for your target demographic.

Another reason for cart abandonment is concerns over financial security. If your shopping cart doesn’t translate the price, customers won’t feel comfortable.

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Instead, your payment portal should automatically convert the cost into local currency rates. You’ll need to pick a payment processor that allows payments in various currencies.

Automate the Delivery Processes

Automating aspects of the delivery processes will be vital to your success. This includes everything from inventory to getting boxes to customers. Speed is the name of the game; automation can help you keep up with the stiffest of competition.

Automation doesn’t have to be complex. Instead, using the correct type of software can set you on the right path.

You’ll be able to spend less money since automated processes require less human labor. You’ll also be able to focus on more important aspects of your business.

Using ERP Inventory System

One of the fastest ways to automate your shipping process is by implementing an ERP inventory management system. You can use transportation management software in a number of ways.

To start, your first need to establish your record. In the record, you’ll include all of the different data and functions that the ERP system needs to get up and to run.

Next, you’ll elevate the record by adding in other functions such as payroll and professional analytics. Finally, you’ll need to expand your ERP with advanced features, such as management modules.

How will your ERP system work for inventory control? By using a fully optimized infrastructure, you’ll be able to automate a variety of functions. Stock purchasing, organizing, and getting packages into transit can all be handled from the ERP.

If you already have an existing software infrastructure in place, you can simply integrate the ERP within it. For instance, let’s say your company’s already using a product lifestyle management system to help with things like inventory or product releases.

ERPs and PLM systems complement each other. The ERP will handle the resource planning side of things, and the product life cycle management will seamlessly take over from there. It’ll be easy to set realistic budgets, reach company milestones, and even improve user acceptance rates.

Upgrade the Delivery Process With Barcode Technology

Take a minute to learn how barcoding works, along with RF technology. Implementing bar codes can be a big game-changer. It’ll be easier for you to put away orders in the warehouse, and pulling orders will also be faster.

Another advantage of implementing a barcoding system is that you’ll have digital data for everything you’re shipping out. Instead of having to enter the product details manually, employees can simply scan the barcode!

Give Customers More Power

Are you dealing with a lot of customers service when it comes to delivery? When you’re noticing a lot of work tickets that relate to customers asking about the status of their orders, it’s time for a change.

Instead of leaving your clients in the dark about where their packages are, give them the power to track their orders. Whether you are a business-to-business operation or a business-to-customer operation, real-time package tracking is sure to be a hit. Impatient customers will stop taking up your employee’s precious time, and you’ll be able to avoid unnecessary refunds.

For the best results, we suggest updating your current system to include a receipt confirmation email. The moment a customer places the order, they should receive a confirmation email containing a tracking number and estimated delivery date. The customer can then use the tracking number to keep a close eye on their goods instead of calling you for an update.

Another option is to invest in a website developer who can add the tracking feature directly to your site. No matter what choice you go with, you’ll waste less time handling service calls and more time getting packages out to customers.

Set Delivery Goals That Motivate Employees

When it comes to the labor and delivery process, it might seem smart to shoot for the stars. But setting unrealistic goals can lower company morale. Instead, motivate your team with the right type of goals.

Order fulfillment positions can be demanding and emotionally taxing. If you want your employees to give their all, then you need to set achievable goals.

Using realistic milestones can help push employees to perform at their personal best. You also need to be providing competitive salaries, along with a healthy work environment. If your employees are happy, they’ll be more productive.

Deliver Value and Care

It’s clear to see that the cornerstone for streamlining delivery processes always involves putting the customer first. When you give customers the ability to pay how they want and track their orders, everything’s better.

Look at your site’s payment portal now, and begin exploring ways to update it. Is there a new payment method you could offer customers?

If you’re an international company, does the shopping cart convert the currencies? Once you’re done updating your payment portal, see what other tips our blog has to offer.

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