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How to Take Control of Your Shopify Sales

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Shopify Sales
Shopify Sales

Shopify is one of the most popular e-Commerce retailer platforms out there. There are more than one million Shopify users, and the company pours in billions in revenue every year.

If you have decided to start a Shopify store, you may be wondering about the most effective Shopify marketing strategies that can increase your Shopify sales. The good news is that it’s never been easier to promote your products and grow your online store.

If you’re interested in increasing your Shopify sales, this article will discuss key strategies that can help you in setting up a Shopify store.

Take Advantage of Opt-In Forms

Opt-in forms help stores collect consent from potential customers in hopes of converting them on future deals. Fortunately, you can use opt-in forms and pop-ups in tandem to not only grow your email list but also increase profits in upcoming sales and promotions.

Knowing where to place your opt-in forms is key. Placing a form on the checkout page can annoy potential customers, mainly since they already have the intent to buy a product.

However, placing opt-in forms on the homepage is a tried-and-true strategy for introducing a deal as soon as a person visits your website. The best part is that you can use an exit-intent popup to spawn an opt-in form as soon as someone is about to leave your website before buying a product.

Create Successful Email Drip Campaigns

An email drip campaign is a series of emails that are designed to convert a lead. Drip campaigns usually begin with a welcome email and end with a promotion.

Email drip campaigns are vital for any online store to capture leads that don’t immediately convert. There are many types of emails you can use in your campaign, such as:

  • Welcome emails
  • Updates about your store
  • Re-engagement emailsAbandoned cart emails
    Post-purchase emails with new offers and upsells

Use Push Notifications to Boost Sales

Did you know that the cart abandonment rate in 2018 was 75.6%? This intimidating statistic means that your average lead is more likely to leave your store without buying anything.

The good news is that you can use push notifications to remind qualified leads to purchase. This can significantly improve conversions for first-time store visitors.

What’s more, is that your audience can choose how their push notification is displayed, whether via a sound alert or on-screen pop-up.

Craft a High-Converting Landing Page

If you’re running paid ads, having a dynamic landing page is key for promoting your products and driving more sales. Luckily, the anatomy of a successful landing page is simple.

Here are all the characteristics of building a great landing page for your e-Commerce store:

  • Use a strong call-to-action (CTA)
  • Write engaging headlines
  • Use captivating images
    Write compelling copy that answers your audience’s concerns
  • Leverage social proof elements, such as product reviews and testimonials

Ready to Grow Your Shopify Sales?

There are several methods for increasing your Shopify sales and boosting your store’s revenue. If you’re interested in reading more helpful articles about Shopify, check out our blog at Shop and Code today.

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