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How to Trade Btc for Theta?

Which exchanges should you choose to trade bitcoin? Where does automated trading work best, which gives a lot of passive income? Where is it more convenient for residents of the republics of the former Soviet Union to work? In this article, I will talk about 23 crypto exchanges that are most suitable for trading bitcoin.

On all the sites that I will list below, you can freely buy and sell BTC and exchange btc to theta. Getting started is very simple: just create your account, go through verification and replenish your account. I recommend that you use an auto trading service so as not to be too dependent on the fall or rise in the rate of digital currencies.

It is most common to buy bitcoins for dollars, but many exchanges accept rubles, euros and other currencies. For experienced traders, exchanges are suitable that allow trading with large leverage up to 100x.

Top crypto exchanges

Bitcoin now revolves around the $ 10K mark, and this level is quite comfortable to make good profits from a trading bot. BTC has grown by about 2.5 times since the beginning of the year and is attracting the attention of investors. Many experts believe that Bitcoin will skyrocket to $ 20,000-40,000 in 2020. It is better not to miss your chance now, so as not to envy the success of other cryptocurrency traders later. Many people have already made fortunes by buying BTC in December 2018 for $ 4,000 and selling it in July-August for $ 11-12,000.

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It is very convenient to trade all popular digital currencies on this site, including bitcoin. Derivatives can be used in trading. The latter is most suitable for experienced traders who manage serious assets.

It is very nice that the exchange allows you to trade bitcoin with 100x leverage. That is why this site is optimal for automated trading. I recommend using the auto trading service to increase trading efficiency.

Bitmex digital currency exchange started its work five years ago, in 2014. Now in its listing there are all the most popular tokens:

  • Bitcoin;
  • Ethereum;
  • EOS;
  • Lightcoin;
  • theta;
  • cardano;
  • XRP;
  • Bitcoin Cash, etc.

The trading volume of the exchange fluctuates around 4 billion US dollars, which is very, very solid. The disadvantage of the exchange is the inability to withdraw funds in fiat.


The EXMO cryptocurrency platform, unlike Bitmex, supports many well-known fiats, including Russian rubles. A great advantage of the exchange is the ability to use popular Russian payment systems, including WM, Yandex Money, Qiwi, etc. That is why EXMO can rightfully be called the most popular exchange in the post-Soviet space. Currently, more than 750 thousand people are trading on the site. The company is headquartered in England. More than 40-50 million US dollars are circulated on the exchange per day.


The Localbitcoins platform has been operating for seven years, and thus can be recognized as one of the oldest in the world. Its place of registration is Finland. This is a neighbor of Russia, so the exchange supports the Russian language and is generally suitable for residents of the post-Soviet space.

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Localbitcoins provides intermediary services. Traders trade with each other and the exchange maintains security and guarantees the execution of orders. Thus, fraud on the site is practically excluded (if you do not take into account various cunning schemes). The seller and the buyer deposit their bitcoins and fiat, and the system then makes the exchange. Everyone gets their own. After successful completion of the transaction, you can award points to your trading partner or leave a comment. Thus, the reputation system works on the exchange, which further increases the security of trading.

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