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Realizing The Importance Of STD Screening

Facts about the STD screening: Physical health is a very important thing to take care of for any human being. The health of a person becomes the main factor in deciding the kind of life they would lead. STDs or Sexually transmitted diseases are dangerous and risky.

Moreover, they can even turn fatal if not treated in time. There are various tests and screening procedures for sexually transmitted diseases that can help in the diagnosis of the disease in time. Also, there are certain symptoms that people can keep an eye on. If people take the correct actions at the right time, the diseases can be controlled within a limit.

Who Needs To Get STD Screening

The main section of people who often need to consider getting STD tests in any country like Singapore is those who are sexually active. These are people who are in sexually active relationships or who indulge with more than one partner.

It is often possible that a person may be caring for a sexually transmitted infection (STI) without knowing. This is possible because some of these do not show any symptoms in the initial stages.

In case a person is getting into a new relationship or thinking of not using protection like condoms, then getting an STD screening done could be a good idea. If proper actions are not taken towards the STIs, these may morph into STDs which have many permanent consequences. Some of these may include infertility, developing cancerous cells, damage to organs and even blindness.

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STD Screening

Some Specific STDs To Get Tested

Many common Sexually transmitted diseases prevail among youngsters. It is therefore important to understand the symptoms that they might have the specific STD tests in any country like Singapore that may be available for their detection.

The diseases like Chlamydia, gonorrhea, hepatitis B, syphilis and HIV are some of the most prevalent diseases that people encounter today. There are separate sets of STD screening and tests that a person can get done to make sure they are free of these diseases.

It is, however, advisable to consult a doctor before getting tested. This is because a doctor may be better at studying plausible symptoms and direct the patient in the right direction.

Doctors who conduct the STD screenings and tests do not necessarily test for all the possible diseases. They first check the symptoms that a person may have developed without knowing. These symptoms then indicate the diseases that a patient might be suffering from. The doctors then conduct tests specific to these diseases.

Symptoms To Look Out For

It is essential to look out for symptoms that might be indicators of sexually transmitted diseases. This is most crucial for people have they have been intimate with someone. Moreover, people who indulge in sexual activities with multiple partners have a greater risk of catching sexually transmitted infections. There are however some common symptoms that a person can check to find the possibility of an STI.

  1. The most commonly observed symptoms are sores or bumps that appear on the inner thighs, near or around the genitals or even the butt cheeks.
  2. One major symptom to look out for is weird discharge from the private parts that is the vagina or penis.
  3. The common symptoms of flu-like fever, swelling in glands, body ache and excessive feeling of tiredness may also be indicators of STDs.
  4. A burning sensation while peeing is another major symptom that many people, who are suffering from an STI, usually observe.
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These are some of the symptoms that commonly occur. It is important to note and observe the presence of any of such symptoms before making an appointment for an STD screening. The observation of such symptoms makes it easier for the consulting doctor to diagnosis the disease more effectively.

How Are STDs Tested

The STD tests in any country like Singapore are not part of the regular health checkups. However some willing to get themselves tested can ask for it. Most of the time these tests are available for free or at a nominal fee applies for payment while booking an appointment. All of these tests are however painless and usually quick in obtaining reports and results.

  1. Blood Or Urine Test: The most common test for diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases are the blood and urine tests. This test is common for the diagnosis of diseases like Chlamydia, Gonorrhea, hepatitis or others. However, these two tests are not as reliable as the more modern and latest ones.
  2. Swabs: Another test which is often more reliable than the blood and urine tests are the swab tests. In this procedure, the doctor obtains a swab ob vaginal, cervical, or urethral fluid swab with a cotton applicator. This fluid swab undergoes a few tests to detect the probability of a sexually transmitted infection.

There are many other tests available depending on the symptoms that the patient or their doctors observe.

Why Get Tested For STDs

The most important reason to get tested for STDs using STD screenings is the frequency of sexual activity with one or more people. The people who indulge in intimate acts like oral, vaginal or anal sex are prone to catching sexually transmitted infections if they do not monitor proper precautions. The importance of using protection, like condoms, is pretty significant in these cases.

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The risk of catching a sexually transmitted disease is severe. This severity is caused by the fact that is proper attention is not given a sexually transmitted infection can turn into a sexually transmitted disease. These diseases have serious impacts on the overall health of the person. In many cases, they can even become fatal for the patient.

Prevention Techniques To Avoid STDs

Apart from getting an STD test in countries like Singapore, there are other ways to prevent catching such infections in the first place. The prime precaution to consider is using reliable and good quality Latex condoms when indulging in sex. Condoms are the best way to prevent the spreading of STIs. Vaccinations are another important prevention mechanism for STDs.

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