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Top 5 Tips To Improve 3D Exterior Design Renderings


3D Exterior Design: Architectural visualization is perhaps the most specific area in 3D modeling.  Here you need to simultaneously have a sense of beauty and a technical mindset. Not everyone is able to make the viewer want to buy a house that doesn’t exist yet.

3D Exterior Design

 Explore building design as if you were a builder

 Read specialized literature and get more info, communicate with professional architects, study plans, drawings, diagrams and construction documentation in detail, the more the better.  It will be painful for a creative person.  But the deeper you delve into the details, the more correctly you will be able to recreate objects on the screen for which you want to pay several million.  It’s not enough just to model beautiful houses and interiors in 3D.

 Sometimes design errors are detected already at the visualization stage, which need to be corrected by engineers and architects.

 Try to convey sensations

 When you are making a promotional video, it is especially important to convey the feeling of being in an object.  It is not enough just to show that the kitchen area is 20 sq.m.  It is necessary for the viewer to literally physically feel how cool it is to get together in such a spacious kitchen with the whole family for a festive dinner.  This is a difficult task.

 To achieve the desired effect, special attention is paid to the smallest details, and visual effects are also added.  Lots of effects.  If you just simulate a large room at the right scale, the inexperienced viewer will not understand the benefits.

 Get serious about light

 Not paying enough attention to the play of light and shadow on the screen is a big mistake.  Understand that in the real world, people see hundreds of objects every day.  The correct angles of incidence of light were literally imprinted on their brains.  And if the light and shadows of a 3D model in architectural visualization do not look the same as in real life, this instantly kills all the realism of the picture, and with it the wow effect of the viewer.

 Better to spend most of your budget on lighting your models.  This will give you realism rather than drawing every pixel.  Modern software is very good at recreating photorealistic lighting, but it is important that the designer understands how to use this tool in the best way.

 Choose a quality texture library for yourself in advance

 Many rendering programs are equipped with a ready-made set of textures and elements for high-quality architectural rendering.  However, not all boxed solutions are equally useful, and if you want to play in the major league, it is important to build your own set of decorators.  Personal experience and the study of the best works of other authors will help in this.

 Having a clear understanding of the tools you have at your disposal will prevent you from wasting valuable time on creative research and will not fill up the deadline.

 Remember composition

 As with photography or painting, in 3D modeling, composition is the foundation.  It is with the choice of an attractive composition that all work begins.  This can be achieved with the help of perspective, diagonals, using the rule of thirds, or other tools that help the eye perceive three-dimensional space.

 Using a 3D model, create several test scenes, and then, together with your colleagues, decide in which one is the most understandable composition for the eye, in terms of geometry.  Only after that start adding some details.

But you can make the job easier and trust professionals such as 3d exterior rendering services by 3Nitro, who will do everything for you at the highest level.

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