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Alcoholism is the major cause behind increasing domestic violence

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Domestic violence is an act of willfully harming a family member in a pattern of maintaining dominating control. Often when we think about ‘domestic violence’ we feel that it involves act of a man against his wife, girlfriend, or any other woman who is his intimate partner. However, domestic violence is a wide umbrella and includes acts of violence against other members of the family. Violence against children and the elderly can also be included in this domain. Social scientists and experts think that alcoholism can be a huge contributor to domestic violence. 


Does alcoholism alone lead to domestic violence?

Alcoholism can indeed lead to domestic violence. However, it will be incorrect to state that alcoholism alone is responsible for all the acts of domestic violence. Aspects like low economic and educational status, inherent personality, state of mind, and family background are much more significant factors that contribute to domestic violence. The intoxication from alcohol consumption creates an imbalance in the mind of an individual. A person who is under the influence of this illicit substance will have lower self control as compared to a sober person.

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When under the influence of alcohol, often a person is unable to fathom the amount of hurt and pain he is inflicting on another person. People who have a quick temper tend to lose to their cool a tad faster when under intoxicated with alcohol. These are some of the reasons why alcoholism can cause domestic violence and can increase its severity to a great extent. 

Other ways in which alcoholism can lead to domestic violence

Alcohol when addiction can ruin families. The addict often loses his balance, a healthy and responsible state of mind, the ability to distinguish between right and wrong, and several other virtues required to have a happy and healthy family and personal life. Let us see some of the common consequences of alcoholism that can lead to domestic violence.

  • Financial instability – Alcoholism often leads to a lot of financial stress for different families. Often the addict is unable to fend for the cost of their addictive substance. This is when the start torturing their spouses and other family members for money. This can be a potential reason for domestic violence. 
  • Infidelity – Addicts are often found to have a philandering nature. Alcoholism often mars the virtue of righteousness. This is when the addict often tends to get attracted to all the negative things in the world like telling lies, gambling, and infidelity. All these often lead to terrible acts of domestic violence.
  • Child abuse – One of the common instances of domestic violence out of alcoholism is found in cases of child abuse. Children and young adolescents are found to be abused and mal handled by their addictive parents and family members.

Alcoholism is a serious form of addiction that can ruin an individual’s personality completely. The consequences can be severe. Damaging health is just the tip of the iceberg. In reality, alcoholism destroys much more than just the addict’s health. 

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