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Making An Intro For Your Videos: Benefits And Effective Tips To Get You Started

Intro for your videos : From coming up with an innovative concept to shooting and editing your content to successfully promoting it for views and subscribers, making a YouTube video could turn out to be an incredibly arduous process. 

Therefore, to make your videos more relatable and engage your audience, you should post relevant and precise content. One of the ways of accomplishing this is to have an amazing intro for your videos.

 intro for videos

An intro can help you create and introduce positive anticipation among your audience about what’s coming up next. It boosts your familiarity and reinforces your brand across the video platform.

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To make an intro in a way that really engages your audience and boosts your sub count, go ahead and follow these effective tips.

How Does An Introduction Make A Difference To Your Videos?

An intro video provides some context into what your audience is in for. The first few seconds are a deciding factor for your viewers to either continue watching or move on to the next video. 

Shooting an intro with a free video editor windows is always a good idea as it shows how organized and passionate you are about the particular video. Your passion and professionalism will drive your audience to watch your videos.

When you show consistency in your video patterns, it helps you build a brand for yourself, people will find you reliable, and you can build familiarity among your audience.

Intros can also be used in the form of narration when it comes to vlogs, your audience needs the video to be explained to them, and a detailed intro could help you with that.

It’s The Ideas That Make The Waves

For any content to work, you need a solid idea! Analyze the quality and purpose of your content. Make sure that your intro video complements your content and doesn’t affect your quality in any way. 

It’s extremely important to match the pace of your intro videos to the pace of your content. If your videos are straightforward, then you shouldn’t waste even a minute of your time shooting a prolonged intro bit. 

The most important thing to keep in mind while shooting an intro is to always remain conscious of what you are trying to bring to the table. 

Your intro video helps build the context and tone for the whole video. As such, you have to be mindful of what you are trying to communicate and the way you are communicating it. 

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Keep An Eye Out For Time 

Only you know what fits your video best, so don’t let as small a part as an intro outshine your content. Be focused on how crisp and impactful you can be with your intro: it will help you settle on an objective.

If it doesn’t make sense, then refrain from shooting long intros as it can bore your audience, and they will not hesitate to skip your content.

When you feel like your video cannot do without a long intro, remember that many streaming platforms have reinstated a skip button to keep their audience engaged. 

Remember to watch your video a few times to get an audience’s perspective and ensure that the intro fulfills its purpose. 

Create An Identity For Yourself

Creating a brand name is one of the most important tasks as it gives an impression to your audience regarding what to expect from your channel. It’s also one of the simplest tasks if done right.

Implementing your identity into your intros doesn’t have to be rocket science if you know the aesthetics of your brand. Be mindful of the aesthetics, even if you are going to add a simple photo with your channel’s name on it. 

Make sure to personalize all your designs, but don’t go overboard.

Music Plays A Major Role

Music helps in building recognition for your brand in the minds of your viewers. For regular viewers, it subconsciously triggers an instant recall, which can earn you a loyal viewer base. 

You can compose a specific song for the intro that will define the style of your brand as a whole, or you can stick with the music that you are going to be using for that specific video.

The music choice will solely depend on the type of video you are planning to shoot as it needs to complement the video. If it happens to be a vlog, its intro will look cool if you use your own soundtrack for every occasion.

If you are planning a tutorial video, it will make sense to use a theme song. There are no rules on how to go about it; it’s more about individual perception as to what you make out of your target audience.

Your End Screen Is As Important As Your Title Card

End screens create an amazing opportunity for you to convert your audience’s feedback into meaningful actions. 

You have to remember that your audience is more interested in your content towards the end of the video than they were at the beginning. Use this knowledge to convert the viewers into your subscribers, subsequently forging a long term relationship with them.

You can add extremely effective CTAs (calls-to-action) such as your channel logo, or you can redirect your audience to your old videos. Be sure to say things like, “Subscribe to the channel!” or “Learn more about this subject, by clicking on this video here.” 

Wrapping Up

Adding an engaging intro to your videos will show your creativity and keep your audience hooked in anticipation of good content. It also shows your commitment and dedication to your audience. 

Now that you are well-versed with the importance of a YouTube intro, you must be thinking, what is the best intro maker?

As a YouTube creator, you can use several free tools available online to make and customize your intro videos. InVideo is one such tool that offers more than 3000 video templates that are designed specifically for YouTube.

Always remember, when you are marketing your content online on YouTube, it is all about doing something that will stand out and instantly grasp the attention of your audience.


Gerald Thomas

Gerald Thomas is a freelance writer, with years of experience, creating content for varied online portals. He has expertise in writing about lifestyle, food & many more.

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