Is Probiotic Skin Care Actually Worth It?

Most individuals have heard the term probiotics before, but lately, probiotic skin care has emerged on the beauty and health and wellness scene. This skincare regimen is touted by skincare experts to restore the natural microbial balance on the skin while providing many terrific benefits in the process.

Some may wonder if Probiotic Skin Care is worth the cost and effort.

Probiotic Skin Care

What Are Probiotics?

Probiotics have caught the world by storm. Usually, this term is used in matters pertaining to good gut health and describes certain beneficial microbial flora that helps to keep the digestive system, and thereby the entire body, healthier overall.

A good way to describe how probiotics work is to remember how antibiotic therapy can trigger the body to rid itself of harmful bacteria making the person sick.

However, most have likely suffered from stomach upset and bothersome itchy rashes that may occur in the private area due to the antibiotic’s action that kills off “good” bacteria creating an unbalanced environment where fungal microbes can cause a yeast infection.

How Do Probiotics Benefit Your Skin?

Probiotics can benefit skin in several ways. Probiotics in skincare may help increase the protective barrier that the skin surface provides against the bad bacteria and balance out your skin’s pH levels triggering a calming effect that may reduce troublesome skin problems like acne, rosacea, eczema, and psoriasis flares.

There are many new skincare products on the market that contain probiotics such as a gentle probiotic facial cleanser from a reputable place like Probulin.

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What About Prebiotics and Postbiotics?

Probiotics added in a skincare product provide the skin with good flora that serve to keep the skin balance in check. Prebiotics can be considered as the “food source” for those desired good bacteria that live on the skin.

Postbiotics are the byproducts that are created when the bacteria’s natural function process is triggered. These byproducts are the peptides, polysaccharides, organic acids and enzymes which are all powerful molecules necessary to reinforce and retain the skin’s usual healthy barrier state.

Is Probiotic Skincare Worth the Money?

Since many households today are struggling financially, some may wonder if probiotic skin care is truly worth the money. Each person will have to determine their own choice on this matter. Skincare experts do have some tips for determining if purchasing probiotic skincare products are worth it.

Probiotic skincare products may be worth their higher price if the person struggles with problematic skin on a regular basis. Probiotics infused into skincare products are thought to calm down skin inflammatory processes.

This means that skin problems, like acne, eczema, rosacea and psoriasis, may be helped significantly by the use of a gentle and soothing skincare cleanser or other skincare products.


When factoring in how much money you spend on a slew of other products that do not work well and any medical visits due to problematic skin outbreaks, it may be worth your money and effort to give probiotic skin care products, like a calming probiotic facial cleanser, a try.

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