How to organize Fun and Interesting Games for Kids in Room

Childhood is a carefree period! Although young students are already full of learning and different circles, they still love games, competitions and other competitions. However, parents find it difficult to do at home because the apartment does not have enough space for outdoor activities. But the experts say: Want to spend an unforgettable vacation? Want to play games with your kids to entertain but can’t go outside due to some reasons? Or your kids are demanding to enjoy the bull ride or bumper car but can’t go out. So for them, we have suggested here some of the best indoor games play in the room.

Tips for Games in Rooms:

  1. If everyone knows, the fun game for kids will be the most fun. Organize a simple knowledge game before the match, such as “jump, sparrow jump”. Help the participants relax!
  2. Arranging fun games for kids of the same age is easier and more fun.
  3. Prepare more accessories. Kids love to change clothes and become heroes in the adventure. They like to receive small gifts. Prepare the necessary equipment: clothing, masks, incentives, prices.
  4. Take into account age. Young children organize simple games that provide clear and easy to understand tasks. Older children complicate the rules and show their ingenuity and wisdom.
  5. Do not make the task too difficult as too many questions can affect people’s interest in other entertainment.
  6. Remove hard games. If you lose, you will not be able to enter the competition and participants will feel stupid and disabled.
  7. Play multiple games without a clear winner. Prizes can be awarded to each participant. Especially suitable for proposals for holding competitions for young children.
  8. Make a script. List games match and give a brief description. You can then easily follow during the event.
  9. Consider the size of the room. No need to keep active outdoor games and games in a small room. It is best to move disruptive furniture and remove fragile objects and flower pots.
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Indoor Games for Kids:

In small spaces, it is easy to organize fun games, including balls, familiar toys and music that appeal to young participants.

Ball Fight:

Two teams participated. Players receive the same number of balls (team balls – different colors). The room was split in two. The team members occupied their territory. The music rang and the kids started to throw balls on the other side. This task is not easy because the opponent works hard to hit the ball! When the music is stopped, the results are gathered. The team that has thrown the most balls wins.

White bears:

Space becomes the “sea” and the participants become “cubes”. Chose some “polar bears”. The player runs with his hand and grabs the “small piece”. After someone caught the “polar bear”, the “bear” was in their hands. Participants are waiting for another “bear” to be arrested. They form a new pair of “polar bears”. Play continues until all children are trapped.

Desired color:

The kids danced to the music. The music stopped and the host shouted, “Find red!” Players need to find red and touch this topic. Who doesn’t have time to travel. The host must mention different colors. Thoughtful victory.


You need the same sized baby scoops. Several teams can play. The opponents stand up one after another in the column. In addition, participants can carefully place their dice on top of each other. The highest team in the tower wins.

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2 people attended. If they are folded by taste and smell, they try to guess the product. Prepare a set of identical products for the players (jam, orange, banana, carrot, cabbage, cheese). The winner is one who smells and tastes more.

Everybody is dancing!

Children form a double. After listening to the music, the couple dances and holds the ball. The owner of the ball is called the owner (back, knee, priest, shoulders, head, legs). If the ball falls, the pair is lost.

Tightrope walkers:

Two teams participated. 2 ropes or long straps – “rope” on the ground. The players tried to grab the “rope” with a children’s umbrella (to make the game more complicated: invite competitors to put books on their heads or fill tennis balls with rockets). The most dedicated team wins.

Get rewarded participants. Children are frustrated when lost. To avoid negative emotions, please offer gifts to everyone present.


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