Catch the latest Wayfarer Eye wear trend.

Wayfarer eyewear is defined with the shape that resembles trapezium shape. Kind of diagonal but the upper part of the frame is comparatively wider than the lower portion of the frame.  The shape of the glasses looks similar to the diagonal or quite like trapezium. Meaning of the word ‘wayfarer’ means ‘’a person who travels on foot’’.

Maybe that is what defines the attitude of the person wearing those glasses. You can easily spot the wayfarer amongst the bunch of the eyeglasses, due to its shape that is neither rectangular or square. We can instead call it a combination of square, rectangle, round or oval. But it totally depends on the variants of wayfarers available in the market.

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The wayfarer sunglasses originated somewhere between 1952 and 1956. As soon as they were launched, wayfarer sunglasses became popular during the 1950s and 1960s with their black plastic frames.  Some of the celebrities who were making wayfarer popular include Tom Cruise (Movie: Risky Business, Madonna, Jack Nicholson, Billy Joel and even the king of pop Michael Jackson.  Meanwhile the public also went gaga over the wayfarer glasses  as well as sunglasses.

However, with the change in time, the wayfarer has also moved from the trademark thick black frames to the designer frames. This also brings freshness to the colours and added features with a little change in the shape of the frames too.

What are the latest Wayfarer eyewear trend

Wayfarer market has grown and so the wayfarer eyewear has gone under makeover. They are now available in different colours, patterns and material. In fact, the shape has undergone changes that includes combinations of rectangular-wayfarer, Cat eyes-wayfarer, square-wayfarer, etc.

1) Tortoiseshell Wayfarer Eye Glasses 

 Tortoiseshell wayfarer eyeglasses

This unique eye piece is designed with the use of evergreen tortoiseshell patterns that are sure to raise eyebrows. The colours are beautifully induced making it unbeatable, attractive and trendy. It may impart a vintage look with the shape of wayfarer while the tortoiseshell takes it to the latest level of fashion and trend. Suitable for both men and women, this tortoiseshell designer frame has a full rim set in Acetate frame.

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2) Milky Grey Octagon Geometric Wayfarer with stripes.

Milky Grey Octagon Geometric Wayfarer with stripes.

Would you call it a wayfarer or geometric shape wayfarer? Well, the extraordinary shape instilled with the octagon edges creates altogether a new look in this milky grey coloured wayfarer eyeglasses.  This full rim eyewear suits all face shape and gender. Made from high quality Acetate has a colour combination that is rare and available exclusively at Specscart.

3) White tiger striped Wayfarer Sunglasses 


Although, the numbers of White Tigers are limited in the world, to include the white and black stripes will bring about a whole new discovery in the design of Wayfarer Sunglasses. This animal pattern displays the courage, creativity and the strong which is the legacy and nature of tigers. This pair of rectangular wayfarer sunglasses are crafted for those who believe in wearing bold and daring. The Acetate frame with metallic temples can be customised with polarised or mirror effect lenses to further display the fierce attitude that you carry.

4) Brown Rectangular Wayfarer Metallic sunglasses


This is one is a combination of rectangular shape sunglasses and the wayfarer that enhances the shape of the designer frame sunglasses. set in a metallic frame, this wayfarer protects your eyes from 100% UV rays and glares.  Crafted by the in-house  brand of Specscart – Tom Archer, the full rim metallic piece comes in 5 different varieties of colour as well as lenses. The adjustable nose pad gives comfort and does not let you down.


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