Leading Technologies Shaping The Future Of Corporate Events

Innovation in technology has been on a roll, with ground-breaking advancements around the year. Be it AI, virtual reality, facial recognition – immersive technology has created ripples in every industry, and the event industry is no exception. Event planners have been capitalizing on this technology to create new experiences for the attendees.

The event industry is different than it was ten years ago. From corporate to personal, events have become dynamic in nature. Technology is taking guest’s engagement to newer heights with revolutionizing the planning and execution of events.

Top 4 Technology Trends Reshaping Events in 2020

The event technology landscape is evolving and spreading in different directions; It’s not just about the visuals now. Event planners are using technology to create a seamless attendee experience via their preferred channels.

Let’s have a look at the four biggest tech trends in the event industry and how you can leverage them to improve attendee engagement at your next event.

Immersive Experience

One of the most significant components of a successful event is the attendee engagement. Event planners have been striving to create an immersive environment for the guests for the everlasting effect. Virtual reality (VR) and Augmented Reality (AR) have emerged as the top technology in increasing attendee engagement at events.

One of the famous examples of the use of VR and AR for immersive experience is the annual fundraiser for a non-profit charity: Water in New York. During the event, the guests were taken on a virtual trip to an Ethiopian village with Samsung Gear VR Headset. The guests first-hand experienced the happiness on the face of a 13-year old girl and her family when they got access to clean water for the first time in their lives. The charity ended up getting US $2.4  million in donations!

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Many companies are also going for virtual online events, that not only save cost on the venue, lodging, and logistics but also makes it possible for attendees from worldwide to attend remotely. For the necessary technology and planning, you should consider a corporate event Dubai based company to ensure the success of your events.


Imagine standing in front of a building, and the building comes to life with life-like visuals! Projection mapping uses visual stimulation to create an engaging experience for the attendees. This technology can manipulate light into any surface, from buildings to stadiums with 3D displays. With this technology, you don’t need display walls and projector screens – your whole venue is a display.

Some of the famous examples of mapped projection projects by famous brands are the façade projection of Sydney Opera House, Kat Von D’s Live Face Projection, ‘As Above So Below’ projection in Manhattan. With this technology, you can customize any space without physically changing the venue. This technology creates an optical illusion and can transform ordinary surfaces into 3D interactive displays.

Live Audience Engagement Through Event App 

One thing that every attendee loves is their input in the event. With technology, you can make every attendee into an active participant. By creating your event mobile app, your guests can track speakers and increase networking at the event. With these mobile applications, you don’t need to fuss about paper and brochures.

Mobile event apps make your events more organized as people don’t have to hold tons of marketing material and books. You can use these apps to send them notifications about the next speaker or special guests.

With these accessories, you can complete your gaming experience on your mobile

You can also leverage the idea of live polls and Q&A’s to turn the event into an engaging discussion platform, where you get to incorporate live questions into the program. This way, you turn passive guests into active participants.

Artificial Intelligence

People’s expectations from events are increasing day by day, and this where AI comes in. AI is the next big thing in not only the event industry by the whole world. AI, coupled with facial recognition technology, can provide personalized event experience for events of all sizes and kinds.

AI-enabled chatbots can not only make event planning easier but also interact with the attendees and answer their queries. AI, with its ability to quickly analyze data can be a game-changer for events as it can increase networking by bringing similar people together in regards to their interests and their social media profiles. It can also recommend the attendees to buy products that they would love.

Bridging the Gap Between Physical and Online Worlds!

Big brands like Samsung and Apple are capitalizing on immersive event technology to provide their attendees with multi-sensory and exclusive event experience. The technology world is evolving rapidly to meet the demands of the users.

Therefore, it is time you adopt these techs in your next event to stand out from your competitors and create a whole new world of unimaginable possibilities for your guests.

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