Make The House Entrance Vastu Friendly

When building or buying a new house there are many people who keep vastu rules in mind because they believe in it and they believe that if those are followed then peace and positivity can prevail in the house. here is a content on vastu shastra course

There are many consultants who can help with proper advice because they have already done the vastu shastra and they know how it works. Here are a few things to keep in mind when one is looking for a new house according to vastu:

Door or the Main Entrance

If one wants to locate the entrance door to the north of the house then one must check if it opens to the north east section of the house. This will ensure that the house will get more sun or natural light and air will also flow well from the east. If the entrance is in the south then the door must open to the south east direction. One must avoid having the door in the south west portion because it is not good for health. A door in north east direction or in the north west direction can also bring peace and prosperity among the members living in the house. One must make sure that the entrance door has to be the largest door in the entire house. One needs to use good quality wood to build the main entrance and it should be noise free when it opens or closes. The door has to be well lit with bright lights. One can attach a beautiful name plate on the entrance of the home because according to vastu it can attract wealth, prosperity and happiness. It is better if the main door is a bit higher than the ground level. One must keep the number of steps odd.

Costly Mistake You Need To Avoid When Buying A New House.

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Balcony or Veranda

If it is in the east or the north east direction then it is said to bring positive energies in the house. But if it is in the south west direction then it can enhance negative energies and that is why one must avoid keeping the balcony on that side. If there is already a balcony on that side it has to be covered. According to vastu the roof and floor of the balcony has to be a bit lower than that of the main building. Also a balcony should not have any arches and so one must take attention that the shape of the balcony should not be rounded. If one wants to keep plant and flower pots on the balcony they must be small in sizes. Since most people like to have a dedicated section to keep shoes while entering the house, it is ideal to place a shoe rack in the balcony. But according to vastu, one must never do that because it can bring negative energies to the house. One must keep it inside the house and definitely not at the entrance.

One can always take help from a proper vastu consultant who has gone through a proper vastu course or vastu shastra course


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