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Whiskey Distillery: A Guide to Making your Brand of Whiskey.

Whiskey is an alcoholic beverage, especially an aged or fermented grain liquor, distilled from barrels of wood that have given it a distinct brown colour. The earliest recorded distillation dates back to the 2nd millennium BC that was practised by the Babylonians of Mesopotamia. It was during the 13th century where records of the first alcohol distillation were performed in Italy.

The purpose of such practice was for medicinal use, which is for the treatment of smallpox and colic. Today, whiskey is a popular distilled beverage now used for recreational purposes leading to a whiskey distillery production facility widely popular throughout the world.

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The Emergence of Whisky Distillery

The trend of entrepreneurs wanting to have their liquor brand had considerably risen. Whiskey is, without any doubt, the most popular liquor in the world and is distilled mostly in Scotland, Japan, Ireland, United States, Australia, and Canada. Surprisingly, the number of increasing whiskey drinkers in the world had led to the growing establishment of a whiskey distillery. If you are planning to start your whiskey product, you need to know what it takes and how to get it started. Here are the simple tips to help you make your brand.

Business Model

As you are relatively new to the industry, you need to come up with a good business model. If you are planning to create your brand, it is not necessary to own an actual distillery. If you want to have a whiskey distillery of your own, it takes a large amount of money. However, if you have the investment to do so, then you may build one. If not, several whiskey brands are popular in the market that are produced by a few distilleries. The most common practice among newly opened whiskey brands is to leave their whiskey production to a distillery factory and focus on their sales and marketing strategies.

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Creating a Unique Concept

This step is probably one of the hardest to tackle when creating your brand. You will need to come up with a unique concept that attracts your consumers into purchasing your brand.  Market research is vital, which will help you understand what appeals to your customers and get an idea of the size of your targeted audience. Produced by the same whiskey distillery, some whiskeys taste the same. Therefore, you need to come up with a unique idea that packages the entire product, including the quality drink inside the bottle. So, be creative in your packaging. It is one of the best ways to differentiate your product from everyone else.

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Know your Numbers

As a newly launched company, you need to continuously evaluate your numbers based on the promotion and sales budget. Ensure that your margins are sufficient enough to support changes in prices. The most common mistake among businesses that enter the market is that their margins are too small, thus giving them little success. Your numbers depend on your business model. Hence, you need to come up with a solid marketing plan for your product.


Keep in mind that you need to create your trademark. To ensure the uniqueness of your product, the logo, as well as the overall feel of your brand, should be part of your brand creation. How your overall brand looks will act as the trademark of your success. Hence you must get this correctly as this will be your product’s image for a long time. The branding of your product should be unique, despite coming from the same whiskey distillery facility, so that your consumers will learn about your brand, which is known for its quality and attractive packaging.

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The last and final process for your whiskey brand is to take your product to the market. A product launch is necessary to increase the volume of your targeted consumers. You will need to determine who you need to partner when it comes to your product distribution. In the wine industry, distributors play an important role in the production of your brand. Hence, you must come up with a good sales pitch to attract the distributor to your product.


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