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5 Maltese Dog Care Tips For New Owners

Owning a dog is fun and all, but it is also an enormous responsibility. If you are not ready to put in the necessary effort into caring for your animal, then you should reconsider the whole idea of getting a canine. These animals require a lot of care and they can definitely cause some headaches from time to time. Yet, the love and the affection that you will get from them will make up for all the troubles that they might get both you and themselves into. We can’t help but love dogs, and psychology might have something to say about the reasons behind that, as you can see here.

In any case, I am not here to talk about psychology and the reasons why we love dogs. We love them because they are so darn cute, always happy and affectionate and because they are, obviously, good boys and girls. Instead of talking about those reasons, I have something more specific in mind today. Given that you are here, I am going to assume that you are the proud new owner, or you are at least thinking of becoming the proud new owner, of a Maltese dog.

Oh, boy, I can’t imagine all the fun that you are about to have with your new puppy. Well, okay, I can imagine it and I am rather happy for you, since I am sure that you will enjoy the company of this toy breed just as much as it will enjoy yours. You are in for some fun times and you are about to form a rather strong connection with this animal, as they are extremely affectionate and caring.

As explained earlier, while this is going to be a lot of fun, you should also be prepared to do a lot of work, since this little creature will depend on you. I suppose that you are aware of the fact that every single dog requires attention and care, and this could even be more important when it comes to toy breeds, such as the Maltese. So, if you don’t really know the first thing about how to care for your new pet, I suggest you get properly informed right away, since you don’t want your dog to lack certain things that it absolutely needs.

Here’s some advice on how to care for this specific canine:

Now, you shouldn’t get too concerned if you don’t really know how to care for these animals, because this is something that you can definitely learn. In fact, you will be able to learn about it if you just keep reading. I’ll share some Maltese dog care tips for new owners and thus help you figure out exactly what you should do if you want to keep your new canine healthy and happy, and I am pretty sure that you do want that. Let’s check out those tips.

Maltese Dog Care Tips

1. Plan The Meals

If you are one of those pet owners that believe animals can eat just about anything you give them and at any particular point, then the Maltese is not for you. What’s more, I’m not even sure that any animal would be right for you if this is your mindset and if you don’t recognize the importance of properly feeding your pet. Since you are here, though, I think it’s safe to say that you do understand the importance of nutrition and that you are ready to put the necessary effort into it.
When Maltese dogs are in question, you’ll need to be pretty meticulous when its meals are in question. Plan them carefully and make sure to get high quality food for its main meals. Of course, a dog needs a snack from time to time. Yet, once again, those snacks should be healthy and planned in advance, because you need to keep this animal healthy.

2. Filter The Water

Speaking of keeping it healthy, you should remember to never give your Maltese unfiltered water. It can be filled with harmful toxins and chemicals, which is certainly not good for your pet. Instead, filter the water, or buy bottled one. You wouldn’t drink contaminated water, so don’t give it to your animal either.

3. Pay Special Attention To Its Teeth

The teeth of a Maltese are definitely its weak spot. They are prone to developing various dental issues. Regular brushing will help avoid those problems, but dental sprays will work just as well, if your pet doesn’t tolerate brushing. Dental chew treats can also be of great help here, so think about getting those as well.

4. Provide Enough Exercise

When you get acquainted with the quirky Maltese temperament, you’ll realize that they need to have their daily exercise so as to stay healthy and happy. This means that you should take it outside daily, for at least half an hour. This canine has a lot of energy and it needs to use it somehow. Plus, exercise is great for its health.

5. Schedule Frequent Vet Appointments

If I could single out one thing as the most important, then I’d say it’s this. Don’t skip vet appointments. You want to keep your canine healthy and a veterinarian will help you do exactly that. So, schedule regular appointments and take your Maltese to the vet for a checkup every now and then, in order to be sure that it is perfectly healthy and that you’re taking great care of it.

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