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TOP RATED – Most Romantic Movies and TV Shows of 2020

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Nobody will argue that this year has already shown off in all possible aspects. And many cinemas stopped showing new movies somewhere in spring. However, the Internet and Netflix have come to the rescue, and all fans have got a chance to enjoy watching many new cool TV series. – Most Romantic Movies

most romantic movies
most romantic movies

The genre of romantic comedy gradually faded away till the last year, and many even predicted its disappearance. However, Netflix has brought new life to it, so new rom coms have become more varied, non-standard, and interesting. And if you have already met the best women online, you can offer them to watch a TV show together.

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Little America

It is the anthology series by Apple TV + that has been renewed for a second season even before the first broadcast begins. It is a collection of funny, romantic, inspiring, unexpected stories from the life of expatriates in the United States. The show was produced by Kumail Nanjiani, most likely known to you by the Silicon Valley TV series.

Avenue 5

It is a comedy series with Hugh Laurie in the title role. Hugh Laurie plays the captain of the fashionable Avenue 5 space liner, which crashes during a big number of episodes. The main character is a young comic actor who loves to travel.

It is his way to get a lot of materials to create hilarious and amazingly interesting texts. Besides, he has a big dream that he doesn’t share with anyone – he wants to become the best humorist and stand-up comedian in the whole Universe! It should be achieved by many efforts to understand what is going on around and what you should do next to get what you dream of. Thus, he will try to broaden the list of impressions to share it with his listeners.

High Fidelity

It is a rom-com with Zoe Kravitz in the title role. It has been inspired by the 2000 film of the same name, which is, in turn, a screen version of the novel of the same name by Nick Hornby. The heroine of the TV series is the owner of a record store. The girl has a great establishment that develops with the district itself.

It is a bustling place in Brooklyn where you can always start a successful business and run into many music fans. She has recently got through a breakup with her beloved boyfriend, so she is constantly thinking about what she did wrong. Of course, she will have many wonderful events, connected with both her profession and personal life. She starts soul searching, delving into herself, and thinking about her all past relationships. And her friends help her in this difficult archaeological excavation.

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The Kissing Booth

The film is based on a book written by 15-year-old girl Beth Rickles. Naturally, it tells about the experiences of adolescents, first kisses, and falling in love. Although many accused it of being stereotyped, it has become one of the most popular Netflix projects, so apparently, everyone wants to think about their youthful adventures. Netflix even decided to shoot a sequel to The Kissing Booth 2, which was slated to hit screens later this year. The most captivating thing about this romantic comedy is the sincerity in the dialogues.

My First First Love

The main character, Tae-oh, is a great and positive guy. The young man is ready to do everything possible to help his friends if they have any problems or difficulties. Who would have thought that 4 other characters would suddenly find out that they had nowhere to live? The only option is Tae-Oh’s house, and the guy is ready to share his apartment with friends.

The life of the main character can turn into a real mess at this moment, but it suddenly becomes the beginning of a great new friendship, true love, and other life turns. It is a beautiful story about how to get out of a friend zone. most romantic movies

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