Your Help Desk Officers Need ITIL and CompTIA Certifications to Be Successful

Today IT support is the key to your business. Unless you are a master of technology, it’s hard to understand and solve problems. While there are many opportunities for IT training and education, there are ways to ensure that IT professionals are true professionals. Certificates and courses are a way to identify an experienced IT technology worker. However, with so many witness types, many employers ignore this opportunity. Successful technicians have a lot in common. They are effective communicators, patient in dealing with non-technical people and solving problems.

Dealing with technical issues with customers or internal staff can be very difficult but also helpful. Getting a job at a company technology centre is a great idea if you want a career in technology. The common role in the technical field is played by IT help-desk officer, which means you do not need advanced skills or high-tech resources to participate. An IT help-desk can be an ideal place to get to know the IT world and give you a great overview of other IT and business services. This can be very helpful if you are unsure of the career path you want to eventually leave.

It’s also a great place to learn more about the company you work for and the products they offer. Not only do you see them – you know what they are and how they work. It prepares you for internal presentations and gives you a portable opportunity to go somewhere else when you are ready. Many help-desk officers help professionals transition to other IT technologies, including system management, network management, and service management. Employment in IT support services is projected to grow 11.3% between 2015 and 2025, with an average salary of 52,880 dollars a year. ITIL certification helps you in this scenario by allowing you to know how to support IT service to meet business needs. By taking the ITIL certification course Which helps in passing the exam, you can outnumber your competitors and land yourself in a dream job.

Skills and Responsibilities for Help Desk

Some of the tasks that an IT help-desk expert can perform daily are:

  • To prepare operators on the deployment as well as the implementation of innovative tools.
  • Support and recovery of records and data.
  • Managing technical support for telephone or internet service technicians.
  • Remove help technicians with special support software to manage, diagnose, and resolve complex problems on user’s computers.
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If you are new to IT, you will probably need basic IT certification, usually CompTIA and ITIL. This would prepare you for a supporting role at the entry-level. If you have the experience, you may want to consider switching to system management or network management.

CompTIA A+

CompTIA certification courses are one of the most respected information technology arenas in the industry. Many IT professionals are seeking CompTIA certifications for reputation and thorough training. Suitable for CompTIA is also ideal for those who support entry levels and want to improve their skills, as well as for those who want more certification. All the same, this offers IT, experts, through top-level certification and expertise in areas. Many stated that obtaining a certification position is not worth the time or expense. Others seem to feel that this is necessary for those entering the computer industry.

Reasons to Acquire CompTIA Cert:

  • Acquire the services you need to catch a work – These certs provide the candidate with basic technical abilities plus verify they can identify in what way to do the work.
  • Protect work and wage – By way of the cost-effective environment, it is constantly evolving, certificates can validate you at a constant wage level and show more knowledge than others.
  • Highlight your profile – These certificates affixed to the profile which will support to show up from further candidates and gives more interview opportunities.
  • It’s everywhere! Most companies require computer skills and simply do not have enough qualified professionals for these positions.


ITIL is the source of information technology transfer. Their ITIL certification online covers all aspects of information technology, including design, development, support and delivery. Remember that the ITIL Foundation certificate is the main certificate. There are several stages though. IT help-desk are crucial for IT professionals as they maintain the technology that companies rely on to keep their businesses up-to-date and up-to-date. ITIL focuses on supporting IT services to meet business needs. The position of business policy and information technology is the principle of ITIL. Discusses the processes involved in service design and strategy, service delivery and transition. These processes ensure continuous improvement of the service.

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5 Reasons to Get ITIL Certification

  • Better skills – This helps you stay relevant in times of change when organizations need professionals to help you produce consistent and visible information.
  • Better benefits – The survey places ITIL certification professionals in the highest income bracket in the United States and is an important incentive to access certifications
  • Better communication – just as two people who speak the same language have better communication, certified people can communicate better
  • Best service – This helps businesses function better and provide better customer service. Therefore, organizations are looking for qualified and well-trained people with ITIL certification.
  • Better world footprint – This will help improve the international footprint. All-new global opportunities await you


It is concluded that help-desk officers need in-depth knowledge of computer hardware and software. However, both certifications follow to expand the perspectives on IT career. It’s important to have a good trip. Therefore, you need to carefully choose a coach who will guide you well. There is no shortage of free web content for self-examination by both observe. Strong communication skills are also required, as service centre professionals must offer solutions both technically and non-technically. A helpful IT career is ideal for organized problem solvers who have the opportunity to learn and adapt new skills quickly. Patience, ingenuity, and a willingness to help others are desirable qualities of technical support and support roles.


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