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Some Amazing Features of the New Airpods Pro!

Apple launched AirPods pro in October 2019 which is a higher-end version of the Airpods. They have a unique design, they also have noise cancellation technology, better sound and also a better price. Airpods Pro is taking the magic of AirPods to a whole new different level. Although these look similar to the original Airpods they have been designed in a better and comfortable way. Airpod Pro features a wider front to accommodate silicone tips for comfort, fit and noise cancellation purposes. The tips of these come in three different sizes to fit in different ears.

Although there have been rumors about these coming in different colors, Apple is only offering them in white color. Active Noise Cancellation is also a key feature of the AirPods Pro, it has two microphones (one facing outward and one facing inward). It has advanced software that cancels the noise coming from any near source. Inside of the AirPods Pro, there is a system that aims at equalizing pressure, which the experts of Apple says, minimizes the discomfort common with other in-ear designs for a better fit and a more comfortable wearing experience.

Airpods Pro is a bit heavier than the standard AirPods. They weigh 5.4 grams per earbud. The charging case also weighs in at 45.6 grams, up from 38 grams. The AirPods Pro case is a bit wider than the AirPods case, but it’s not so tall. The case is protective and keeps the AirPods safe. Apple says that AirPods Pro is designed to make you feel like there’s nothing in your ears. Airpods Pro also has a mesh microphone port that is specially designed to improve call clarity when the environment is windy.

Ear Tip Fit Test

Whenever a customer comes to buy Airpods Pro, to get the perfect fit and best audio experience, Apple offers an Ear Tip Fit Test. After placing the AirPods Pro in each ear of the customer, advanced algorithms are used to measure the sound level in the ear. This algorithm detects if the ear tip of the Airpod is of the right size and fits rightly in the ear.

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Water Resistance

AirPods Pro are sweat and water-resistant. These have been tested thoroughly by Apple and checked so that they can hold splashing water coming from any direction, sweat and even light rain. There being water-resistant does not mean that water exposure should not be avoided. One should keep them away from water as much as possible.

Active Noise Cancellation

This feature of AirPods Pro is very advanced. Apple first used ANC but now it is using this feature in which advanced software algorithms are used to adapt to the sound of every ear. It consists of two microphones, on that faces outward, which cancels all the noises coming from outside and when that faces inward which can adjust the sound going inside the ear. Any kind of background noise is canceled before it reaches the ear and the other microphone is responsible for auto-tuning the sound before it reaches the ear. This feature is really liked by the users and they are very content with the Airpods Pro.

Battery Life

The battery life of AirPods Pro lasts for up to five hours. In Airpods the battery timing is the same but with the addition of Active Noise Cancellation feature, it varies. In Airpods Pro when the Active Noise Cancellation mode is turned on, they offer four and a half hours of listening time and up to three and a half hours of talk time after a single charge. A watch-style button cell battery of 1.98 Wh, which is located inside of each AirPod, which is not replaceable as it is connected in them via soldered cable. The charging is really fast and it provides almost one hour of listening time or about an hour of talk time after you charge it for five minutes. A USB-C cable is shipped with the Airpod Pro for its faster charging.

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These are some of the amazing features of Airpods Pro that will appeal to almost any user to buy them as soon as possible. So don’t wait and miss out on the amazing features. Grab them from any phone shop before it’s too late.

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