How Good Is Norton Antivirus For Our Computers?

Do you know whether Norton antivirus is good for computers? Well in this blog we will discuss the same and will discuss Norton antivirus. In several areas, Norton antivirus does score well if we talk about its features, usability and performance. Although it lacks some features like secure web-browser, file encryption, still software contains numerous good features and is the excellent software for protection.

It stands out from several software like McAfee, although Norton activation with product key is available. It is really important that your computer remains safe from all the dangerous threats and downloading a Norton would be the best solution. All these software, especially Norton antivirus, are not free to use.

Some Pros And Cons Of The Norton Antivirus

Well, it is one of the cheapest software in the market and it outperforms various antivirus software like McAfee, which do require activation with product key

Various Pros

  • It has an intuitive and easy dashboard.
  • It is supported on various platforms.
  • Customer support is available around the clock
  • One can easily store files and do a backup.
  • It has a special tool to block all suspicious software.
  • It comes with a free trial.

Various cons

  • It does not secure a web browser.
  • Also, it impacts performance.

Norton antivirus is one of the best antiviruses in the market and aims to be an excellent product for threat protection. Norton does offer excellent protection from the malware. Also, it does not hurt system performance.

Several Features Of Norton Antivirus.

  • All Mac users can use this software.
  • It is a single user.
  • Good for small business.

How much Norton antivirus is reliable and secure?

According to tests conducted by AV comparatives, an outcome has come which proves that Norton antivirus has detected around 99.3% threats and blocked them, which is the great thing for any antivirus company, although 30 is the above-average industry.

If you, in any case, try to access the website which contains malware, Norton would block it and will show a sign of danger. Also, whenever you will try to download an infected file a danger would be shown which will warn you to stop the download process.

Most of the virus-infected files are quarantined which prevents other files from getting infected in the computer. Norton does provide signs which show that the threats were going to be installed in the computer system. Due to some reasons, one needs to double-check that every virus is blocked and quarantined.

How well Norton antivirus performs?

The most important thing about Norton antivirus is that it slows down the computer during any malware scan. Companies have claimed to resolve such issues, but it didn’t impact in a good way. Norton antivirus takes time to scan all the folders and files in the system which is quite long.

Norton provides three layers for protection which includes, signature matching, the protection offered using heuristics analysis and controls the behaviour of all the software. One should buy antivirus software instead of downloading antivirus software like McAfee, activation with a product key since it could be harmful.

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