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Ebay Alternatives – Online Selling Auction Sites Like Ebay

What Is Ebay?

Ebay is an American e-commerce corporation, They offer a consumer-to-consumer and business-to-consumer service. eBay is a worldwide recognized business with operations in about 32 countries, with over 171 million active users and 1 billion items listed.

The website is free to use for buyers, but sellers are charged fees for listing items after a limited number of free listings, and again when those items are sold.

There are other sites like ebay and auction sites like ebay that allows users list their item for sell or auction and that is why we made this recommendation of other top cheap online selling auction sites like ebay.

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NB – We advice you read through all the recommendations to choose the one that best matches your critieria and wouldn’t cost you much as a seller.

10 Best Sites Like Ebay


eBid is a very similar auction site like ebay, On ebid you can sell just about anything including clothing, sporting goods, art, jewelry, baby stuff and more stuff you can think of. The difference between ebay and ebid is that You willl never pay more than 3% of whatever you sell on eBid. And not to forget they also have a lifetime selling fee of $99.98 which means you can forever sell as much as you want.

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If you need a proper online selling site like ebay then amazon should be your goto online sales store. We all know Amazon isn’t quite the same as eBay. However, while they have their differences, it’s almost impossible to mention one without comparing it to the other.

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Amazon stays away from the auction selling style that eBay is famous for. This makes it much more ideal for new items. If you’re looking for other sites like ebay, and you’re selling a new item then Amazon is for you. If you want to start selling on Amazon, check out some needed resources to get started on their website.

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If you have clothing, accessories or any other fashion item you want to sell, then you should definitely consider using Poshmark. Poshmark is an online marketplace for fashion where you can sell your old clothes and make a profit from the.

You can also buy stuff on there too. There are more than 5,000 brands available on the platform. You don’t have to pay to list an item on Poshmark, and you don’t have to pay for shipping either. Poshmack gives you a free pre-paid shipping label. But, you are charged a $2.95 in commission on sales under $15 and 20% commission on sales worth $15 or more.

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Bonanza is based in Seattle Although bonanza is relatively new to the e-commerce market, that doesn’t change the fact that it is doing so well . The Bonanza marketplace has more than 22 million items ranging from Godzilla garden gnomes to taxidermy alligators.

Bonanza is one of the easiest selling platforms to use, and its popularity is on the rise amongst sellers. In the Sellers’ Choice awards, Bonanza has taken out the top rating for communication again, and were voted the most recommended selling venue.

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Etsy started in 2005 as an online community for crafters, artists and vintage enthusiasts, based in an apartment in Brooklyn, New York. Now it has 1.6 million active sellers, and 26.1 million active buyers and it is doing really well as an online selling site like ebay.

Etsy is clearly best suited to any merchants with handmade items, vintage items, or craft-related resources. If you are an online seller who either produces your own unique product, or you source items that suit this market, then this selling platform is exactly what you’re looking for.

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Newegg is known commonly as electronics store with products in the niche of tech and gadgets. Contrary to ebay, Newegg offers their own fulfillment, with automatic packing and picking facility to keep costs low. The commission fee ranges anywhere from 8 to 15% depending on the category you are selling.

With a monthly visitors of around 45 million you are guaranteed to make sales even though their audience is mostly tech savvy and moms, you can still sell plenty of other products too.

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Craigslist could make the argument for being one of the most popular destinations for used products as it is more or less a site like ebay. The classifieds websites offer a broad range of goods and services that are available in your neck of the woods. This means you can skip the shipping costs and physically investigate an item before completing the purchase.

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eCRATER is one of the best online auction sites like ebay that allow anyone to hold online auctions. It allows sellers to import Google Shopping and eBay products with a good selection of products. With this site, users can buy products without any registration. All they need to do is select the item and proceed to checkout. And every seller has a huge advantage as their commission fee isn’t high.

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Rakuten (meaning ‘optimism’ in Japanese) originated in Japan and is still their largest ecommerce platform with just over 20% of the market share (again second to selling on the Amazon of Japan with over 22%).

The site doesn’t sell directly but acts as a portal which allows third-party members to advertise their products. Product categories range from clothing and home & garden to electrical and cheap laptops. By navigating to a third-party ecommerce platform through Rakuten, a prospective buyer is rewarded with ‘super points’ which allows them to buy movie streams on many devices.

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Artfire is another online selling site like ebay that I enjoy using so much, I advice any Seller who want more eyes on their high-quality creations and keepsakes may find ArtFire to be a more suitable platform.

Merchants on ArtFire have the option of selling craft supplies, vintage items, and handmade goods they personally created. The products themselves can include clothes, accessories, toys, decorations, and even wedding supplies. Don’t expect to get a new television or your supply of protein powder from the site though.

Artfire let’s You can choose a selling plan that works best for you. Since there is no long-term commitment sellers have to meet, you can feel free to start small with your offerings and see where things go from there.

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