Optimizing your Link Building in 2020: Actionable Tips for Marketers

The process of link building in various marketing organizations can become lengthy and complex depending on your strategies. Are you struggling with your link building campaigns? Unless the link building is smooth, you cannot save significant manual workload. Whatever you are doing daily, you must be able to nail the process and avoid issues over and over again. We have actionable ideas for optimizing your link building processes to make link boiling more efficient in 2020.

  1. Review your Link Building Process Biweekly

From planning to implementation to outreach, when it comes to link building, many marketers don’t have a strategy to review their processes on a regular basis. That leads to waste of valuable time on doing something that is less useful. When you do link building, try reviewing you reprocesses on a Biweekly basis. As the number of clients grows, the links also need to grow. Therefore, you need to mea sure that the quality of links don’t go down at any cost.

  1. Keep an Eye on Quality of Link Building

Link that you build to your website act like showrooms. Alexandra Tachalova in a 2020 Search Engine Journal Post reveals that having a bad portfolio of links is similar to an ugly showroom that portrays your picture as a bad designer. If you are a reputable link building strategist, you won’t allow that to happen at any cost.

The above statement emphasizes on revealing your capabilities as a link builder who can secure links from great and best sites on the Internet. Another think Tacahlova mentioned is that outsourcing link building is not a handsome strategy if the value of your investment is zero. Since no one can guarantee what links will bring you the most value in the future and which will remain useless. Sadly, the value of many links does not increase over time and it decreases rapidly. Therefore, it means that within a year, you will have to invest in link building to secure links.

  1. Use SEMRUsh to optimize your Link Building
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But the important question here is that how can you be sure that your links coming from websites are not going to turn useless sometime later. Therefore, never secure links from industry blogs you have never heard about because these are suspicious sites with bleak future. Savvy marketers use SEMRush to obtain data related to links which remain relevant. SEMRush is an excellent tool to enhance the effectiveness of your SEO Services and link building. Always check that Google is seeing your link as a super relevant link. When most of the referring domain’s top pages do not relate to your product or niche, Google won’t consider them a quality link.

  1. Track all the Acquired Links

If you are in the business of link building and digital marketing, then you must be aware of the importance of tracking the links. In the era of analytics and comprehensive tools, almost everything can be tracked leading to better SEO outcomes. Tracking links is the only way to know that you are doing fine with your link building tactics. Therefore, all successful marketers always track their links.

Since a large number of links often disappear after some time; they can even transform into no-follow links. Hence, it is vital to keep track of everything involved in link building. However, Google is not disappearing anywhere soon and disappearing links can be a problem for you. Tracking links can help you make more informed decisions to optimize your SEO.

  1. Identify Broken Links

Looking at the back links of your competitors is a great way to gather valuable information about your link building. However, when you get links from page resources, there is no need to manually click on each link to check if it leads to a dead site. There are various tools to check broken links such as ‘Check My Links’; you can install that as a Chrome extension that effectively shows you the broken links.

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The Conclusion

You can learn to improve your link building either by hard way or an easy way. The above strategies are tested by the experts and act as key learning tips to help you keep a close eye on your link building campaigns and their effectiveness. The bottom line is that you as a digital marketer must track all the links via link tracking software; you can set up a position tracking campaign to see how links are impacting your website rankings. A successful marketer is always able to optimize his or her link building tactics to make them smoother and effective. Building high quality links that Google adores must be your priority because Google is the future of SEO and is here to stay for a long time. There’re many ways to rank or boost your website either by yourself or you can get high quality link building service from softplux.


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