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Other Online Sites Like Wish You Can Make Your Shopping

What is Wish?

Wish is a cheap online shopping website. Wish online E-commerce store offers you a wide range of shopping varieties In every categories like clothing, shoes, groceries e.t.c at a very affordable and the cheapest price. – sites like wish

Wish tends to be cheaper when compared to the rest of it competitors owing to the fact that it products are directly from the manufacturer and although the quality for each product might vary but there is without a doubt that wish remains one of the best cheap store around when outlined with it competitor.

For those who for one reason or the other wouldn’t want to shop with wish we have made a complete research for the best cheap shopping sites like wish, we hope this list from us might help.

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AliExpress is one of the largest ecommerce sites in the world. While it is more well known in Asia, western shoppers are starting to discover the great deals available on this site.

Alibaba, a major Chinese conglomerate, owns the site. The products are sold from Chinese merchants, which increases the shipping time for international customers. In the US, you may need to wait up to 29 days for items to arrive with free shipping.

Waiting longer for your order is an inconvenience, but you can typically find prices that easily beat Amazon and eBay.


Light in the box is yet another incredible site whose headquarters is in Beijing, China that you can easily shop for a variety of products. It offers a very interactive and responsive platform where you can easily locate whatever you are looking for in seconds. This online shopping website serves more than 200countries and the goods are shipped from China to numerous final destinations.

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Some of the products that you will get from the site include devices, fashion clothing, garden products, and home décor among many others. The site has made sure that the commodities available are much cheaper than most sites and every local shop. They offer a range of payment methods like PayPal which is very common among many countries.


Asos is one of the best Wish alternatives available on the market when it comes to fashion. What makes it so great is the variety it offers. It’s always up to date to the latest trends so you’ll be certain to find everything you may need on there! It offers free shipping on orders above 35$ which is absolutely amazing. Other than that, it only stocks cruelty-free brands which makes it a great place to enjoy shopping without hurting the animals.

You’ll be able to create an account so it’s super easy to manage, and the interface is both simplistic and fun. Also, if you prefer shopping on your phone, don’t worry as Asos has you covered with an amazing app too! All in all, if you’re looking for the latest fashion trends at a reasonable price, Asos maybe your best friend.

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Another Chinese ecommerce site, BangGood gives you low prices on clothes, gadgets, and phones. Unlike AliExpress, you can typically track your packages, even with free shipping. You also have the option of using a PayPal account during checkout.

The only issue is the limited selection of products. The site is not as large compared to the top ecommerce sites, but does offer good deals on the items that you find.

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Dollar Tree

If you ever shop at your local dollar store, it’s most likely a Dollar Tree. You might like using Dollar Tree more everything’s a buck and you get free site-to-store shipping.

For many people, the mental sting of paying more for shipping than the product price is a dealbreaker. Because you have a local store, you can easily exchange or return the purchased items if they don’t meet your expectations.

Dollar Tree also offers home shipping which can potentially be cheaper than the merchant shipping charges on Wish too. Taking a few minutes to compare prices with other discount retailers can be well worth the effort when you need to save money.

Miss A

Miss A tends to be a sites like wish but it is an online $1 dollar makeup store. It means that you will find the products here at a literal price of $1. YES! It is one of the best sites like Wish in terms of the price of the products. This website specializes in huge collection of accessories and cosmetics.

This online shopping store provides the customers with free shipping on all orders above $35. The products on Miss A are directly imported through the manufacturers and thus you can trust the quality of the products.

Unfortunately, Miss A only accept the payment through the Credit cards or online gift certificates, gifts cards from Miss A and credit card gift cards. You can even raise a return or exchange of the product within 3 days of receiving the product.


GearBest is another Chinese e-commerce site like wish that specializes in a wide of electronic gadgets. The best thing is that their products come directly from the local factories, so you will get the cheapest price. It is an impressive website to buy the latest tech gear, home accessories, and office necessities at the right price.

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Along with electronics, you can also find lifestyle items, mobile phones, and different types of accessories. You can pay for your order with PayPal or any major credit card. The shipping time is also considerable.


If you’re looking for an app that has a platform that’s very similar to that of Wish, Joom is a close competitor. Joom does have one important advantage–shipping is always free for all items.

Its platform is attractively designed and looks a lot like Wish, but it does have some issues. The first is shipping time. While Wish and AliExpress both take a fair amount of time to ship items, but Joom takes longer on average to ship.

Some items may take up to two months to reach your door. Joom also has fairly poor approval ratings, and many reviews mention that customer service is slow and unhelpful.


Men and women needing to buy clothes should inspect RoseGal for some stunning deals. Fashion accessories start at $1 and the most expensive items can cost around $100. Most RoseGal orders qualify for free shipping which is an added bonus because shipping is extra on Wish orders.

RoseGal carries many of the same products as Wish, so you can quickly compare prices before making a purchase. You might prefer RoseGal because it can be easier to browse their wardrobe and their free shipping policy if the retail price is the same at both websites.

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