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How to Crack a Password? 10 Popular Password Cracking Tool

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It is believed that Ancient Roman considered “watch-words” to detect the identity of the individuals. Today, passwords are used to ensure the confidentiality of digital data. But sometimes people forget their password. Password creations help recover lost passwords. Whether you forgot or hacked your password, a password reset program can help you recover it. The tools use different methods to recover passwords.

What Is Password Cracking?

In this industry of cryptography and cybersecurity, to crack the password is playing as the main part. It is fundamentally the procedure to recover the passwords to break (or else save) the safety of the processor’s network or system. You have access to relate it continuously guess the unlocking pattern or the password of your smartphone.

It can be easily associated with guessing a pattern or playing a phone code over and over again. So why should we know more about password theft and the tools used to do so? The purpose of hacking is to retrieve forgotten passwords from web accounts, computers and smartphones. They regularly check them for weak links. The desktop computer tests hundreds of millions of keywords per second.

Popular Password Cracking Tools


Brutus is considering as the topmost communal tools while we talk about to crack the password. Few of the individuals are claiming that the tool of Brutus is the fastest way to keep cracking the password of someone. Also, it is working only on the Windows OS. At this phase, any person who makes use of Brutus owns a huge range of opportunities to select from. Even if you desire to, you have access to generate your precise kind of verification. On the other side, the great feature of Brutus is: it is supporting numerous other programs and engines. It seems that it lets the person make use of this tool on account to the cracking of every password.


Like Brute, it is a device that cracks passwords by hard force. It is a web application, so it does not need to be installed or complicated. W-Fuzz is designed to identify vulnerabilities for Brute Force applications. You can use the software for local offline resources, such as scripts, servers, and folders. The programs support various protocols including XSS, SQL, L-DAP and so on. The software supports mac-OS, Linux and Windows operating systems.

Cain and Abel

Cain and Abel is a free cracking password tool for lawyers, security staff and web professionals. The program can act as a sensor to monitor network data. Also, the application can retrieve passwords by recording VoIP conversations, analyzing routines, encrypting mixed passwords, and revealing stored passwords. Also, this tool stands out the most:

  • Discover stored passwords
  • Encrypt encrypted passwords
  • General attacks
  • Recording VoIP calls
  • No password field detected

As we can see, Cain and Abel are one of the most versatile tools for creating passwords.

John the Ripper

Here is another popular password cracking tool. John the Ripper is simply a password-cracking device that works well on Linux, Mac OS X, and UNIX. Now, this tool is very good for detecting bugs, but only with stronger passwords, it does not work very well. John the Ripper is a free tool that can be used to recover passwords and local passwords. Security professionals can use software to determine the strength of a password. This tool uses Brute Force attacks and attacks to find the password.

THC Hydra

THC Hydra stands out for its versatility and speed. Not to mention that this tool also easily supports many network protocols. THC Hydra is open-source software that security advisors and researchers can use to test security measures. The software supports one of several security processes. The tool, which uses hard technology, is suitable for security professionals and software manufacturers. You can also contribute to the development of the tool if you are a programmer.


Medusa is another great password cookie similar to THC Hydra. The command-line tool can test up to 2000 passwords in one minute. It allows the user to perform various password thread operations. You can use the software to recover passwords for multiple accounts. Today, it is principally similar to THC Hydra and works very quickly. It is known for its long-term use and rapid parallel modelling. However, it is a very efficient device as it can test 2000 passwords per minute.


Oph-Crack is a Windows application that can explode passwords using long business class cards. The web application is designed to find alphabetic passwords in about 99.99% of a second. This application supports a wide range of features, including multiple injection sites, rejection space, cookie cookies, and multi-threaded support. It is a debt-related device that can crack Windows passwords.


As you can imagine from the name, it replaces the OphCrack tool. Simply put, this tool uses domain controllers, workstation managers, and anything else that can be used to crack passwords. However, it offers better results for large and heavy passwords.

Air-Crack – NG

Some claim that this tool is one of the fastest ways to crack someone’s password. It means that with this tool you can crack almost all passwords. In both cases, the processes of exchanging time and memory are distributed so that all simple texts and hash pairs are calculated using a special algorithm. It means that Air-Crack-NG is the best wireless encryption tool that uses password creation algorithms.


Crack-Station is a free online service for the cracked hash. This technology is a version of an attack dictionary that includes public words and passwords. The decryption service speeds up the use of passwords with pre-calculated spreadsheets that contain more than 15 billion pieces of information collected from various web resources.


As we can see, creating the right passwords is possible with the right type of tool. And we talked about some of the best tools that most hackers recommend for that. These devices use various methods to recover forgotten passwords. Some programs try to guess passwords. Others retrieve passwords from files stored locally or remotely. Moreover, CEH certification training also helps detect vulnerabilities in web applications through ethical hacking.

You can use the training guide to recover stolen or forgotten passwords. However, using password verification to hack someone else’s account or data is illegal, unless if someone is doing it under any authorities. It is now up to you to decide what you want to use.

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