How To Pick The Right Swimsuit

Summer has arrived, and it’s time to reward yourself for all that hard work of exercising and eating clean with a fun trip to the pool party or a beach. Plus, the weather is hot out there, and the water is calling you.

I know what you are thinking. How to buy that perfect swimsuit that makes you look amazing? Right? Well, you may find an ideal Colombian swimsuit that will look amazing on you by knowing the design and colors that balance your body shape.

To make sure that you end up buying the perfect Colombian bikinis and swimsuits for yourself, start by knowing your body shape. So, let’s roll and have a look at the different body shapes.

1. Circular Body Shape

People with a larger waist as compared to their bust and hips belong to the circular body shape category. Now, for people with this body shape, the strategy is to create the illusion of a defined waist. The perfect swimsuit for a circular body shape would be the one that makes the body look slimmer by creating a slimming waistline.

You may go for a swimsuit with an attractive neckline or the one with a tummy control panel.

2. Rectangular Body Shape

People with rectangular body shapes have an offset shoulder and hip-width without any defined waistline. Now, the strategy here is to create a waistline by working towards creating curves.

You may look for Colombian swimsuits with some lingerie straps, princess seams, belts that will help you in creating curves. A hot tip here: Avoid buying solid colored swimsuits.

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3. Inverted Triangle Body Shape

People with inverted triangle body shape usually have a full bust and shoulders as compared to their hips. Now, the strategy to work with this body shape is by drawing the attention of the people away from the shoulders.

Try and add volume to your lower body so that it looks balanced with the upper body. You can do this by wearing Colombian swimwear brands in different patterns, prints, or with wide straps.

4. Triangular Body Shape

People with triangular body shape have wider hips as compared to their bust and shoulders. The perfect strategy with this body shape is to draw the attention of people away from the hips.

Look for the swimsuits that help your lower body look slimmer. Buy the swimsuits with shapely bust and necklines. Also, you may go for the one with solid colors, or a front zipper.

Swimwear Guidelines to Follow

No matter what your body shape is, here are a few things for you to keep in mind while you shop.

  • Always go for the right fit and don’t fall in the trap of size.
  • Ensure that the swimsuit is comfortable and makes you feel good while you move around wearing it. So, before you decide on buying a specific swimwear, move around in it and see if it slips or not. If it slips, don’t buy it.
  • Never assume that you can’t go for different silhouettes. Try and experiment with different swimsuits and surprise yourself.

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