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What Are The Dos And Don’ts Associated With Pregnancy Massage?

Pregnancy is the greatest and the most enjoyable time for a woman. The joy and delight of becoming a mother cannot be matched by any other thing. You and your partner might always be looking for the day when you become parents. However, women who are going through their first pregnancy can find it very difficult.

As your body is going through a lot of changes you tend to get psychically uncomfortable. Not to mention the hormonal changes and the fatigue you are facing. All these things might force you to find the Best Pregnancy Massage London services. Well, it might not be a bad idea to release some stress and to keep your mind relax. But there are certain do and don’t associate with the parental massage. In this article, we would discuss all these but first, you must understand how it is different from other massages.

How Pregnancy Massage Is Different?

Just like any other massage pregnancy massage is not much different. The overall goal of the massage and the benefits are almost the same. However, the feel of it and the need for it is much greater than any regular massage. The first important difference is the positioning of the body to avoid any unnecessary pressure on the womb. Another difference is the pressure applied to the body. It might be a bit less than your regular massages. But the outcome would almost be the same.

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Body Positioning During Massage:

When you are in your second or third trimester you would see some visible physical changes. Therefore, the regular massage position of laying on your stomach is out of the question. The best position to avoid any kind of harm to the baby is to have a sitting position during the massage. However, certain massage centres have special parental tables. They are larger in size for you to lay sidewise or it may have a hole in the centre. But every pregnancy is different, and complications could occur. Therefore, always take the advice of your doctor before lying in a certain position.

Pressure Points:

The human body is interconnected, so massaging one area might influence the other. During pregnancy experiencing such knots and trigger points are common among women. However, it is important to stay away from such trigger points that could activate your pelvic or uterus muscles. Because activating these muscles could cause you to have contractions. Any Best Pregnancy Massage London service provider would ensure that only light gentle massage techniques are used. So that these pressure points are not activated.

Consider Your Whole Body:

Due to the extra weight, you are carrying around your back might be aching a lot. Relieving some tension from your midsection might feel great. Similarly, during the third trimester, your walk habits might have changed. Your feats are under constant pressure and might be swelled up. Therefore, a foot massage could feel amazing and would remove all the tension and stress from your ankle joints. You cannot put pressure on your belly but rubbing some lotion over it can be very relaxing and soothing. It could also help to fight those stretch marks. Therefore, you could treat your whole body instead of relying on a simple massage.

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Keep Massage Gentle:

There are a lot of massages available such as deep tissue massage. These massages put a lot of pressure on your body to produce results. However, during pregnancy, you should avoid such high-pressure massages. Instead, you should focus on gentle relaxing massage therapies that use a gentler stroke to release tension from the muscles.

Being pregnant you are always tired and fatigued so you might find it difficult to locate the best pregnancy massage centre. However, this problem can be solved by getting Meridian Spa massage services. They have certain specialized packages available for pregnant women.


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