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Psychologist Online: That’s How It Works

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Psychologist visits, online therapy, and KBT online – how does it work, and can you get help even if you do not meet the psychologist? Here’s everything you need to know about an online therapy visit.

What is the difference between online and physical therapy?

 The biggest difference is that you and the psychologist communicate online instead of sitting in the same room. You get the same questions, fill in the same form, and get the same assessment as if you were met physically.

In the first visit to the psychologist, it can be nice to see the psychologist, then you simply use the video function. After that, many feel that the chat is enough to tune in to the treatment, get new tools, and follow up on any home tasks.

Many people appreciate the chat function because it allows you to go back and read what the psychologist said. Sometimes it takes time to process things and then it can be nice to know that the tips and tools remain in the chat even when the visit is completed, says Christoffer Berg, psychologist.

So a online visit goes

To understand more about your situation and how you can best get help, the psychologist needs to know more about your inconvenience. The first step is, therefore, to answer questions about your problem and tell you how you are feeling.

  1. Chat or video?

The visit starts as a chat but the psychologist can turn on the video if you feel that it is easier to talk when you see each other.

  1. Assessment

Early in the conversation, the psychologist will send one or more forms via the chat that you may fill out. It usually takes a few minutes and is very valuable for the psychologist to be able to make a diagnosis and help you.

  1. Treatment

Sometimes a visit is sufficient where you get the tools and support to manage your mental health problems, but if needed you get help with a treatment program. The psychologist makes a recommendation and you book the next visit time.

An online psychologist visit costs SEK 0 for people over the age of 18. At present, our psychologists cannot accept children and adolescents under the age of 18.

Psychologist visit

 What should I think about before the visit to the psychologist?

It can be good to think through what it is you want help with and what you want to achieve with the therapy. The more concrete and delimited the problem, the easier it will be for the psychologist to help you. Sometimes you do not know why you are feeling bad, then the psychologist can help you to bone it.

What should I say to the psychologist?

The psychologist will lead the conversation and ask questions that you can answer. You do not have to tell everything to the psychologist directly, but it is good if you tell about your problem, your expectations, and goals with a possible treatment. Some things feel hard to talk about, but can be important for the treatment to move forward. Take it when you feel safe and at your pace.

Can I change a psychologist if it don’t click?

Yes, psychologists are people and sometimes you don’t click with your psychologist. It is perfectly okay to change if you do not like the person you have already visited.

What if online therapy does not work?

Online therapy is not suitable for everyone and not at all times in life. The psychologists will make sure to help you move on to physical care if, together with you, they believe that online therapy is not the right therapy form.

Do I need to go to therapy?

If you feel that you are doing poorly and do not know how to handle it on your own, it is time to seek help. Many people rush to take the first step but keep in mind that it is better to seek help early because the problems become easier to treat.

If you are unsure how serious your problems are, you can do one of our free tests online:


  • stress test
  • Anxiety Test
  • depression Test
  • sleep test
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