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The Psychology of Maxi Dresses: Why Women Of All Ages Love It

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People often hear the saying that ‘you are what you wear.’ Indeed, even psychology supports the claim that the clothes you wear, along with the accessories you use to tone down or jazz up your wardrobe, say so much about your personality, what you do, where you are from, and how you feel.

Maxi Dresses Are Sexy As Hell,' Said No Man Ever | Thought Catalog

If this is the case, you might wonder what science and psychology have to say about women who love to wear maxi dresses. While this may seem to be a great topic to indulge in, what is even more interesting to find out is why women, regardless of age and age, love maxi-dresses. Though the first maxi-dress appeared on the runway in 1968, modern-day women are still in awe of this luxury. They love this dress for all the right reasons. If you are still wondering why they are gushing over this piece, here are some reasons.

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They Are Simply Comfortable

Everyone loves to be in their PJs all day long. The maxi dress is almost as comfortable. Especially those made with natural, breathable, and light fabrics offer the utmost comfort. If you plan to buy a maxi dress, make sure to choose those made from a blend of cotton and soft bamboo. These are the types that will feel great on your skin, minus the college-student-in-sweats vibe. Wear it, slip on a cute pair of flats, and you are good to go!

They Will Accentuate Your Curves

The good thing about these dresses is that they gently flare from your waist down to emphasize your curves while downplaying the trouble spots. A v-neck or scoop is more flattering as it draws the eye vertically instead of horizontally. You can even add a high belt to lengthen your legs as you create an empire waist.

No Need To Match Your Outfit

Those who love maxi dresses would understand the ease of not having to worry about matching your top with a skirt, shorts, or trousers. There are days when you would like to dress up, and some days that you would love to go low key. On days when choosing an outfit would seem daunting, you can never go wrong with a lovely maxi dress. These dresses look great if paired with basic brown or black accessories. You can toss your dress on without having to worry about your accessories clashing.

No Need To Shave Your Legs

Many women would appreciate this reason. Maxis can make you feel ladylike while allowing you to save time you might spend shaving. No wonder women love this dress. No one will know if you have not been shaving since three months ago! You will still look as lovely and ladylike as ever.

Protects From The Sun

If you are on the beach and are still not ready to stroll in your bathing suit, you can throw on your maxis over your swimming wear. It is convenient. When you are prepared for a swim, you can remove your maxis. Beach lovers know that maxis are pretty much famous at the beach. They keep you fresh during humid weather since it is breezy and loose. Your maxi dress can even block the harmful UV rays, just like wearable sunscreen.

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Maxi Dresses Are Flirty And Feminine

There is no denying how flirty your maxis can make you feel. Since they do not hide your figure, you can show-off without bearing too much skin. On top of that, you stay comfortable while you feel feminine. And to add a more feminine factor to your outfit, you can wear a pair of shoulder-grazing earrings, an exquisite pendant, and an armful of trendy bangles. You can then finish the look with a pair of gladiator sandals or ankle boots.

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