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Revolutionizing the Air Conditioner Industry to Solve the Cooling Challenge

Air conditioners have now become an indispensable part of our daily lives. According to recent estimates, the Indian room AC industry market could be anywhere between 4.5 – 5 million units, and that number is expected to increase significantly over the next three decades. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), the number of air conditioning units in the United States is expected to triple by 2050, with scientific reports suggesting an increase of 1.5 degrees Celsius in the surface temperature of the planet by 2050.

Challenges Facing the Air Conditioning Industry

From the chemicals (refrigerants) used in the air conditioners, which release harmful gases known as greenhouse gases (GHG), to consuming large amounts of electricity, there are numerous challenges that the air conditioning industry has to tackle, while providing effective solutions. In fact, it is estimated that air conditioning units alone consume around 10 percent of total energy consumed globally.

Other challenges pertaining to the air conditioning units include their pricing, maintenance involved, and identifying the best air conditioning unit according to one’s requirement.

Revolutionizing the Air Conditioning Industry

With all these challenges, ductless mini-split ACs have quickly become one of the more preferred types of air conditioners, and provide numerous benefits and applications, whether it is in residential, commercial or institutional buildings. One needn’t go through an air conditioner buying guide to search for a cost-effective and energy efficient solution for their cooling needs, as mini-split ductless ACs offer several advantages.

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Maintaining the room’s aesthetics: Considering the mini-split ACs are ductless, one needn’t install air vents or ductwork. Furthermore, mini-split ACs can be easily installed just by making a small hole into the wall, thereby preserving the room’s aesthetics.

Cost-Effective: Mini-split ACs do not require one to renovate their rooms, as they are compact and ductless. Furthermore, mini-split ACs are cheaper than the central AC units, making them one of the best air conditioners under 25,000 rupees. Apart from that, mini-split ductless ACs are also zoned, which ensures that the AC only cools down the room one occupies, rather than cooling the entire house.

Compact and Small in Size: Ductless mini-split units are ideal for small living spaces such as a small room or an apartment. Ductless mini-split ACs are compact, and are perfect for cooling smaller spaces, and houses that do not have proper ductwork. Furthermore, the units are sleeker as compared to conventional AC units, thereby blending seamlessly without sticking out.

Eco-Friendly: Considering the fact that mini-split units only cool specific zones, they substantially reduce the energy used, as the AC unit only cools the rooms that are occupied. Furthermore, mini-split AC units do not have any leaks, considering they are ductless, and use eco-friendly refrigerants.

Energy Efficient: According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), by switching to ductless AC units, one can reduce the energy consumption by 20-30 percent each month, making them extremely energy efficient.

Built-In Heat Pumps: Ductless AC units come with integrated heat pumps, which heats up the room during the cold winter months. This is accomplished by absorbing the heat from the outside, thereby warming the surroundings inside the room.

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There are several factors one has to consider before investing in an air conditioner. Ductless HVAC units are revolutionizing the air conditioning industry, and offer effective cooling solutions, while being energy efficient and environmentally friendly. Ductless mini-split AC units also provide effective heating solutions during the winter months, and one can find a ductless system that fits their comfort and budget needs.

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