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Safely Eliminating Common Wasp Nest Found Inside Houses

Wasps become much more common in summers as they usually prefer a hotter climate. Therefore, you would find yourself surrounded by them after winters as they are looking for new nests. Where their existence is important for the earth ecosystem at the same time their presence can be dangerous for humans. Most wasps are aggressive and they tend to attack anyone who is a threat to their nests. Wasps stings are poisonous and they can sting multiple times. But before begin to discuss the removal of wasp’s nest we need to understand the two most common types of wasps.

Solitary Wasps:

Solitary wasps as the name suggest are the loners and are hardly noticed by any person. They do not live in large clusters therefore they are rarely causing a problem for human beings. Mostly they build very small nests made of wood or mud. As their nests do not hold large quantities of wasps, they could make them in abandoned holes of other insects. They could even live inside prey and lay eggs inside their bodies so that when the eggs hatch the larvae feed off the prey’s body. One place where their nest could be a problem for humans is the underground nests. Yes, they could build underground nests in your gardens and if someone is walking barefoot in the garden they would sting.

Social Wasps:

These are the most common and the most problematic type of wasps you could come across. Their nest population could reach up to an astounding number of five thousand to ten thousand. They mostly build their nests from the scraps of wood, paper, and cardboard mixed with their saliva. You could find their nest everywhere from house attics, roof spaces to underground, they form colonies anywhere they like. But one thing is very good they don’t stay in a single nest for more than a year. So, if you get through the summer and spring without any problem they would eventually leave. However, if you are allergic to wasp stings then waiting around for them to leave is not an option.

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Eliminating Wasp Nests:

From the above mentioned two types of wasps, you are likely to come across the social wasps in your daily life. Where these wasp nests are bound to have large quantities of wasps getting rid of their nest is very dangerous. Moreover, if you are allergic to wasp stings then the safest possible option you have is to call Wasp Exterminator in Surrey BC to remove the nests. They know what they are doing and have the required training to remove the nest safely and securely. It is never advised to deal with these nests on your own and if you have a history of getting a reaction from wasp sting in then you should stay away from them.


Before you jump on to the idea of removing the wasp nest all by yourself you need to follow some precautionary measures for your safety. So, make sure you follow all the precautions mentioned below to prevent any unfortunate incident.

  • Buy a protective suit to cover yourself and if you can’t find one wear clothes that cover your whole body. It would include long sleeves shirt, full-length trousers, eye protection, and face protection.
  • You might be using an insecticide or some kind of chemical product to kill the wasps. All these products come with instructions make sure you read and understand them completely. They can be very harmful to your pets and other humans if not used properly.
  • Always buy the best quality products to ensure you kill every wasp in a nest.
  • Keep a first aid kit ready in case of an emergency.
  • Wasps might attack if you get too close to them so maintain a safe distance from their nests.
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Tips for Wasp Control:

  • After following all the precautions mentioned above chose an entry and exit route. Then by standing at a safe distance from the nest spray the insecticide on their nest.
  • Getting rid of the ground nest is very easy you just disperse the insecticide powder inside the tunnel and leave it.
  • House attics and rooftops are the most common places for wasps to build nests. So, take the necessary measures to not attract them to your house. Don’t leave the attic lights on during the night as it might attract wasps. Keep your house clean by disposing of garbage properly and not giving them any source of food. If you have located a nest in the attic and you feel that it is a big job for you then getting the professional help is the best choice you could ever make.

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