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Shower Faucet Types By Valve

When you enter a shop to buy a shower faucet you will be overwhelmed by the choices you see there. Different types of shower faucets work differently. Knowing these faucet types is extremely helpful as you can understand which one is more convenient for you.

Today we are about to tell you about shower faucet types based on the valve. The valve is the one to give credit for comfort and better experience of the shower faucet.

Here are some types of shower faucets based on the valve that we classified based on the number of controls.

Single Temperature And Flow Control Valve:

As the name suggests, this type of shower faucet has only one outlet and a single temperature control option. You have control over the flow rate and water temperature through this valve. If you want a simple shower faucet this one will work for you.

Separate Temperature And Flow Control Valve:

When you want a single overhead shower this type of shower faucet is perfect. You get to control the temperature and flow separately.

Double Outlet Single Temperature And Diverter Control Valve:

It is not as complicated as the name sounds. It just comes with two controls and two outlets. The temperature control and diverter are also there. You get to operate the diverter in three positions. The diverter, unfortunately, does not work as a flow control but just a switch.

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Double Outlet And Four Flow Control Valve:

The name is already explaining that it has two outlets and four flow control valves. You can control the flow rates of each outlet with this shower faucet. Overhead showers with many jets will work with this shower faucet.

Multi-Functional Control Valve:

If you want most of all the functions then multi-functional one is the best to go for. With three controls and outlets, it works best with an overhead shower that has different body jets. Each of its controls works as a diverter, temperature, and body controls.

Learning about these different shower faucets is not just for recognizing your preferred brand of shower faucets. It will also help you when you need to repair the shower faucet. Here is another classification of shower faucets based on valves. And those are.

Thermostatic Valves:

Thermostatic valves are for the utmost comfort while you are having a shower. You can adjust to whatever temperature you want to according to your preference. Some of the new thermostatic valves come with anti-scald technology nowadays.

It will protect you from burns that are caused by a sudden hike in temperature. The water flows control in this type of valve is also amazing. You can adjust the flow according to your preference and enjoy a comfortable shower after a long day.

Pressure Balancing Valves

Modern homes require modern fixes. Just like a pressure-balancing valve that handles shower experience like a pro. You can control water pressure from each outlet with this shower faucet. The pressure balancing valve works like an engine that controls the pressure of cold and hot water. So whenever someone flushes cold water you do not have to deal with cold water coming to your shower. The water temperature remains consistent through the valves.

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It is also equipped with a shower cartridge that mixes the hot and cold water. So you get a perfect mixture of water every time. As it does not have a standard temperature detector the water can get hotter than your preferred temperature.

Final Thoughts

The shower faucet is hands down the most important part of your bathroom fixture. Know about them to make installation and repairing feel like a breeze. I hope you found this helpful to know about some shower faucets.


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