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Is SiteGround A Reliable Web Hosting Provider?

If you are running a new site professional site and looking for a creative hosting option then SiteGround is the best solution. Moreover, it offers pride services for the customers without any gulp.

So, it’s a customized and affordable web hosting option. Now, the question is SiteGround a reliable web hosting provider? For this, let’s talk about this hosting provider in details.

It will help to scale out your site’s needs and requirements by making the right host selection.


SiteGround is one of the greatest and leading hosting providers. it offers the numbers of creative and custom hosting opportunities to the customers. Moreover, SiteGround offers the hosting for WordPress as well as other CMS applications and platforms.

Therefore, it has a higher rank in the list of top hosting providers with reliable uptime of 99.99%. on the other hand, it offers the 673ms page loading speed that is more than expected.

Apart from this, SiteGround provides email accounts, SSL certificate and CDN with all the hosting plans.

Good Impacts:

Web Hosting Pricing And Plans:

Basic Plan:

SiteGround basic hosting plans start from $3.95 per month. Within this plan, it provides hosting services for one site including unlimited storage space and bandwidth.

Moreover, it can handle more than 10,000 visitors within this plan with 24/7 great customer’s support. The basic plan also includes free backups, free SSL certificate and CDN.


This plan starts from $5.95 per month and offers the hosting services for multiple sites. Moreover, it provides the free SSL wild card for the first year. Besides this, Site Ground’s GrowBig hosting plan offers great services for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.


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SiteGround GoGeek hosting plan costs $11.95 per month and offers the hosting services for unlimited sites. Moreover, it allows more than 100,000 visitors per month as well as 30GB space.

On the other hand, GoGeek includes a free email account, 1CLICK WordPress installation and unlimited bandwidth.

Customer’s Support:

SiteGround offers a great customer’s support for all the beginners and professionals. Moreover, it provides knowledge-based support as well as phone calls for a better understanding.

So, this hosting provider is offering good customers support services overall.

Site Migration:

For site transfer and migration, SiteGround provides a separate plugin to upload the site. So, the customers can easily migrate the site without any difficulty. Moreover, SiteGround offers free site migration for GoGeek and GrowBig hosting plans.

Free SSL Certificate:

No doubt, SSL certificates are the main requirements for the sites to keep the sites secure. Because without SSL certificate the sites are insecure and it’s easy for hackers to attack the sites.

For this, SiteGround offers free SSL certificate for all the hosting plans. Moreover, it includes free CDN Cloudflare for the better storage of files and images.

So, SiteGround offers the fastest access to images and files on the sites through CDN.

Advanced Level Features:

This web hosting provider offers great services for professional as well as beginners through advanced level features. As it offers the easy installation of Weebly and WordPress within a few clicks.

So, it’s easy for beginners and bloggers to build the sites through this site’s builder. Users just need to drag and drop the features through the editor without having any code’s difficulties.

On the other hand, SiteGround offers the greatest and integrated services for WordPress, Drupal and Joomla. Customers can install these applications easily without any developing techniques.

Reliable Uptime:

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SiteGround offers the perfect and the best uptime of 99.99%. so, it’s one of the most reliable hosting providers. because reliable uptime is necessary to keep the audience and visitors satisfied.

Therefore, sites need to be responsive and performing all around the clock to offer better services to the customers.

Page Loading Speed:

Site speed or page loading speed is the most considerable factor after uptime. So, while choosing a host, you need to keep in mind this fact. Because customers don’t prefer the slow loading speed of the sites and prefer to visit other sites.

There also the another hosting provider like bluehost hosting services has excellent hosting speed & uptime in term of siteground and the other best hosting providers.

For this, SiteGround offers the 673ms page loading speed which is the fastest. On the other hand, with the help of CDN, the site’s loading speed can be improved.

Bad Impacts:

Higher Renewal Charges:

No doubt, SiteGround offers the cheapest hosting plans start from $3.95 per month. But after the completion of signing up period, customers need to pay more for the renewal of plans.

So, you can say they are grabbing the customers with attractive and low introductory prices. Therefore, after the specific period cost jumps up to $11.95 that is not affordable for small sites and beginners.

For this, it’s better to choose the 36 months hosting plans to get more hosting benefits.

Limited Features For Basic Plans:

At first glance, SiteGround basic hosting plans seem good for the site’s owners and bloggers. But these basic hosting plans come with limited hosting features. for example, SiteGround offers only 10GB space for basic plan to handle more than 10,000 visitors that’s not enough.

So, if the storage requirements are more than provided then the site’s owners may need to suffer for the performance of the site. For this, users have to upgrade the plans that are not a good choice for small sites and beginners.

Paid Domain For All Plans:

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Most of the hosting providers offer the free domain at least for premium plans to attract more customers. Unfortunately, SiteGround doesn’t offer free domain even for premium plans.

So, the customers need to pay $15.95 per year additionally to get the domain services.

Should We Go For The SiteGround Hosting Options?

In terms of reliable uptime and excellent page loading speed, yes, we should consider SiteGround hosting plans. Moreover, this host doesn’t have any kind of downtime issues.

So, the customers can handle the sites with reliable performance and good speed through this. On the other hand, SiteGround is offering free SSL and CDN for all the plans.

Apart from this, you can get pricing benefits also if you are going for long term plans instead of monthly plans.


Hopefully, this article will help to get a better understanding and reliability of the SiteGround. So, you can choose this host for your sites by focusing on all the mentioned above facts and attributes. It will help to make a better decision for your sites in terms of budget as well as performance.

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