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6 Social Video Hacks to Generate More Views

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Video views might seem like a vanity metric on social media, but they are necessary. Views will lead to other types of engagement such as likes and shares, and will eventually convert to leads and sales.

So, today I am going to show you how to get a lot of video views on social media. These are not just any views, but quality views that will convert…

Do a lot of research:

The key to creating videos that get views is to see what is already working out there. Quite often people make the mistake of reinventing the wheel when it comes to video creation. They don’t do any research and just create the content they feel will work best.

This is the wrong way to go about it. If you want more views the easiest way to get them is by creating new versions of the content that is already out there. So, do some research on the top social networks and see what videos are getting the most views. Watch those videos and take notes and then create videos on the same topic with fresher information with a unique angle.

Create short videos:

Shorter videos get more views. That’s a trend across all social networks from YouTube to Facebook to Instagram to LinkedIn. As the length of a video increases, fewer people will want to watch and fewer people will make it to the end.

What are you more likely to watch full?

A 15-second video or a 30-minute video. The answer is definitely the former. So, use a good video editing tool to shorten your videos. On networks like Facebook, you should create extremely short videos that are a few seconds long. While on YouTube you can create videos that are a couple of minutes long.

Once you get some views for the short videos and build your brand and relationships, you can begin creating longer videos. People will now be more inclined to watch them.

Add thumbnails:

Many networks now let people turn off autoplay. These people will see a still from a video instead of the start of the video playing. But the social network gives you the option to control what they see by adding a thumbnail.

If you want more views, you should create a unique thumbnail. It should do two things. One is to attract attention and the other is to get people to click on the play button. So, think about your audience and decide what will get them to take these two actions. Then create beautiful thumbnails images using a background remover and a graphic design tool.

Promote videos:

The top video marketers spend more time promoting videos than creating them. You should spend 80% of your time actually promoting. So, if you aren’t already doing this, start now by sharing your video on social media, running paid ads, working with influencers, emailing it to your list, using email outreach, etc.

There are so many techniques you can use for this. But the main tactic you want to try is paid ads, as many social networks let you retarget people who recently viewed your videos. They watched your videos previously so they will be more likely to watch more in the future.

You should also try to get them to follow you or subscribe to your channel as then they will be likely to view more of your newer videos as soon as they go live.

Divide videos into parts:

Another tactic you can try is to run your videos like a soap opera. You divide it into parts, but you leave the ends incomplete. So, people need to watch the next part to get the rest. This way you create an endless series of videos where people need to watch the next and the next and the next. This will ensure that you generate plenty of views. But to get this right, your video series needs to be filled with entertaining/helpful content to the brim.

If you fill up an entire series with filler content just because you want to make a series, people will lose interest. So, do a lot of research to find meaty topics and then brainstorm subtopics.

Monitor the data:

It’s very unlikely that you will generate views immediately from your first video. Some people do get lucky and go viral, but they are a rarity. For most, it will take a lot of time. One way to quicken the process is by monitoring your data. If you monitor video views you will be able to determine which topics do well. You will also be able to figure out if a certain length, thumbnail, etc. is getting you better results. And you can repeat it to get more views.


These are the 6 hacks you can use to create videos that get more views on social media. Begin implementing them today.

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