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Some Tips In Maintaining Your Microwave

The only way to keep the best performance of your microwave is to have it properly maintained.  Anything that falls short of good maintenance will easily be damaged or will surely have a short life span.  Here, we will provide you with some good ideas, on how to properly take care of your oven. You may have the best countertop convection microwave in 2020, it’s nothing if you don’t follow strictly what is written in the manual.

Foods Prohibited Inside The Oven

Certain foods are not good to be placed inside the oven.  The reason is that it may cause damage to the oven if it spills.


This food tends to burst, due to the steam that accumulates inside.  Hard boiling it in the microwave is a big no.  Just do it in another kettle to be safe.

Hot Chili

Chili has a spice substance that will evaporate when heated.  The fumes of the chili should be avoided, because, it will affect the other food that will be heated in the oven.

Never Boil Water With A Microwave

Trying to boil water in a microwave will result in the mug to be heated than boiling the water.  Once you put the tea or coffee and stir, it may result in the water to superheat and may even blow up the mug. Breast milk is not good to be placed in a microwave oven.

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Process Foods

These foods are long to be considered bad for health.  Heating them in a microwave will result in cholesterol oxidation, which is linked to heart problems in the past.

Green Leafy Vegetable

These should not be put in the microwave, because, it has the potential to get burned.  If it happens, your appliance will get burn and damage.

Oily foods and oil are not good to be in a microwave- these foods are fats not liquid, so they are not to be placed in a microwave.

Fruits Too

These foods are not suitable for microwave, because they can be heated fast inside and will potentially burn your palate.


Cooking rice is best done on the stove.  It has a kind of bacteria that is only killed by boiling water in the stove.

Frozen Foods

When you burn these foods, it will turn nutrients into carcinogens that are bad for our health.

Your microwave performance is dependent on how you took good care of it.  if you want to maximize the value of it, then do the proper maintenance and follow exactly the instruction in the manual.


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