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Suggestion To Be A Successful Graphics Designer

To turn out to be  A profitable and really Successful Graphics Designer, expertise isn’t sufficient as a result of If it wasn’t for stunning design, we’d all stay in a colorless world. Steve Jobs would have been nameless, and no one would purchase Apple merchandise.

Successful Graphics Designer

As a graphics designer there’s One thing Past Your Designing Expertise And Capacity to mix colours and that is what this blog post will discuss. Profitable Folks within the designing Trade in the present day are individuals who had the Capacity to suppose Past others and Those that Have Devoted themselves to analysis on Making affect via Their inventive designing expertise.

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One of the best designers, individuals like Rob Janoff, who designed the Apple emblem in two weeks, dedicate themselves to enhancing with a lifelong starvation for extra. The final nice venture isn’t sufficient – that’s the large secret of the right way to enhance your design expertise.


How to become a successful graphic designer? What features do you need to be a good graphic designer?

1# Be Creative and Original

Every profession has an indispensable feature. For Successful Graphics Designer, this feature is creativity. A person who is not creative cannot be a designer.

Successful Graphics Designer

To be creative, one needs to be original. Creativity and originality cannot be considered separately. Because the most important factor that supports creative intelligence is originality.

So let’s start our first article with the first condition of being a good graphic designer: be creative and original. If you have the ability to paint a thought through original content, you have the most important skill to be a good and Successful Graphics Designer.

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#2 Improve Your Imagination

“Imagination is the beginning of creation. You dream what you want, the goals you dream, you create what you aim. ” Nobel laureate writer Bernard Shaw has summed up the link between creativity and imagination in these words.

Successful Graphics Designer

Imagination is needed to create; a strong visual perception for imagination… Strive to strengthen your visual perception. While doing this, use imaginative and metaphorical expressions. At the same time, melt the symbolic and simple expressions in a crucible to understand the message you want to give. To put it briefly; Nurture your imagination to be a good graphic designer, try to express yourself effectively and clearly.

#3 Master in Graphic Design Programs

You have developed your imagination, you have been creative and original. After having the basic competences, now it is the technical part of the job.

Successful Graphics Designer

Graphic design is done with computer programs as you know. In this respect, you need to use graphic design programs very actively. E.g; For logo design, Illustrator will be excited 🙂 Of course, Corel is actively used in our country, but my choice is definitely the Adobe family. Because if you start using one, it will not take you much time to learn the others, it can be said that they are close to each other in terms of program interfaces and operation.

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In my opinion, with Adobe Illustrator, one of the best in its field, it is possible to make many designs such as corporate identity, logo and emblem design, typography designs, catalog / brochure design studies and your pencil drawing works.

Photoshop is the number 10 in the digital world for me. It is possible to make many designs such as web interface drawings, banner design, creating mockups, color and photo edits, small-scale gif animations with its multi-functionality.

As a result, you have to learn graphic design programs in order to progress in graphic design. Here are some of the popular graphic design programs you can learn to make your imagination speak:

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Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Indesign, Corel Draw, 3D Max… The more actively you use these programs, the more distance you have to be successful!

#4 Learn Time Management

Successful time management, which is necessary for success in every profession, is also valid for graphic designers.

Successful Graphics Designer

The importance of time is much more especially for professions which are fed by imagination. Because the act of creating becomes difficult when under stress. In this respect, you need to use the time very well to be a good graphic designer.

Because if you cannot do this, you may not be able to produce good designs in the short term, or you can comply with delivery times. Both situations can hurt your career in graphic design.

#5 Learn Be patient

You may need time to become a good graphic designer. Therefore, you should constantly improve yourself. You should try to gain experience by actively using graphic design programs.

Successful Graphics Designer

After meeting the technical criteria, you can start creating. Other people may not like what you have created. At this point you should be patient. Maybe you’re not ready to be a good graphic designer. Keep working without giving up.

“Patience and time are interrelated. So do not hurry and put your claim forward when you feel ready”.

After a while, you will start to dislike your old designs, and then you have started learning something and improving yourself!

#6 Prepare A Personal Portfolio

Let’s say you claim to be a Successful Graphics Designer, but you don’t showcase your work anywhere. So how can people decide if you are a successful or mediocre designer?

Successful Graphics Designer

My personal opinion is everything from the portfolio designer. It tells your professional quality without having to say anything. The logo designs or typography work you have made in the past or even the simple-looking business card design can attract attention and get you many different jobs.

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At this point, you have to create a portfolio. You can complete this in different ways.

  • Using online portfolio sites: Behance, Adobe Portfolio, Crevado, Portfoliobox, Flickr, Jimdo etc.
  • By designing / designing a personal web page.
  • Using online platforms / web pages where you can introduce yourself and get freelance jobs (Upwork, Glassdoor,, Workana, Ryrob).
  • Actively using social media to show your Works (Instagram, Linkedin and Pinterest are the most effective).

So you have solid evidence of why your new customers should choose you.

#7 Be Customer Oriented

When you start to produce quality designs, demand balance will start to change positively. To respond to various demands, you need to be customer-oriented. You should understand your customers who want design on a subject very well.

Successful Graphics Designer

Learn very well what your customer wants in this regard. Always ask if you should take the initiative. Thus, you can make the communication between you and your customers more positive.

Being customer oriented also means presenting new ideas. If you present new ideas, you can more easily influence your customers in getting the job done.

#8 Understand Print Business

Graphic design studies can be made for many materials such as notepads, business cards, catalogs, packaging and magazines. The design should give the “most accurate result” at the printing stage.

Successful Graphics Designer

This part is very important, there is no turning back! Because even a simple mistake can cause serious problems.

Therefore, a good designer must master the process before and after printing. Customers also prefer their graphic designers, who know their printing processes well, to avoid problems during the printing phase.


The real underlying key, however, is to deploy your own creative instincts and the passion that got you wearing the designer’s cap in the first place, because that’s how you manage to improve your design skills. Great graphic design, like all other great work, is a labor of love.


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