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Tech Trends To Look Out for In 2021

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Tech Trends:  Each year presents us with a clean slate for technology, a fresh opportunity to storybook our innovation and creativity. Technology is continually developing, streamlining old processes and altering the way we go about our daily lives.  

It provides endless opportunities, connecting continents and cities, and making the world a smaller place. Gambling has benefited hugely from technology. With the launch of online casinos like Betchan, you can join a live poker game anywhere in the world without leaving your home. Without technological advancement, this wouldn’t be possible.

Kevin Cochran is our expert and author in all things tech. You can check his profile here. He believes that keeping on top of technology trends is vital for modern-day society to survive and thrive. So, what tech trends will 2021 bring us? Here are a few top developments to look out for.

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Virtual Reality

Avid gamers will be familiar with the concept of virtual reality. By donning a VR headset, this technology transports you to a make-believe world inside the game itself. Although all the action surrounds you, the setting isn’t real and what you see isn’t tangible.

Some online casinos already offer virtual reality technology, and we anticipate others coming on board with this feature. It’s one of the casino trends of 2021 to keep an eye on.

VR headsets can be quite costly but are paramount to participating in virtual reality at online casinos. As VR rolls out in more casinos, these headsets are likely to become one of the top 2021 tech gadgets.

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence, or AI, has made considerable strides in recent years. It’s fundamental for simple tasks like calling Rideshare or Uber for a cab, using a navigation app, or a website’s live chat function. However, it’s also pivotal for sectors such as banking, healthcare and marketing.

As we add more and more algorithms to AI, the ways in which we can use this technology multiply. For example, automobile manufacturers have developed tech enabling cars to self-diagnose problems. This feature makes servicing and maintenance quicker and easier and benefits the automotive industry as a whole.

The increasing use of artificial intelligence in industries across the board is certain to create jobs in various fields. AI is definitely one of the technology trends in 2021.


The global demand for faster internet speeds and smoother functionality has led many telecommunications companies to adopt 5G technology. 5G ultimately replaces the 3G and 4G tech that we’ve become so accustomed to and frustrated with. This is new technology 2021 will welcome with open arms.

5G is destined to be far superior to its predecessors. The most significant advantages of 5G are it’s speed, reliability, and capacity to support huge numbers of devices. With 5G, you can download or stream videos seamlessly and enjoy unbroken video chats. It will significantly enhance your online casino gameplay, allowing operators to include more features, improved graphics and a better interface.


A blockchain is a database storing data in linked blocks. New data creates a fresh block that joins the end of the chain, maintaining chronological order. Blockchain is especially significant in the financial sector, particularly in relation to cryptocurrencies, a popular payment method at online casinos.

It’s a new and safer way of storing transactional information from crypto payments, and other business sectors will undoubtedly adopt this technology. Although it’s been around for a few years, blockchain’s safety in storing information is one of the main reasons it’s likely to be among the tech trends in 2021.

Tech Trends
Source: freepik

Internet of Things

The internet allows us to connect easily with other people. It also enables us to connect with things and things to connect with other things. This interconnectivity has coined the phrase Internet of Things, or IoT, and is another of the tech trends you’ll see in 2021.

In a personal capacity, we can track our fitness on devices throughout the day, remotely lock our doors or activate alarms. We can even log in to home security cameras while out and about.  

The IoT can add value to businesses as well by collecting, collating and analyzing data and identifying patterns. You can use this information to streamline workflow, improve productivity and generate better profits.

Final Thoughts

This year is shaping up to be an exciting one for technology. As these trends take shape, each advancement will give birth to more ideas and further improvements. There are no limits to what we can achieve with new technology in 2021.

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