The Advantages & Disadvantages Of Noise-Canceling-Headphone

When listening to music, or an audiobook, we need good noise-canceling headphone so that we may hear every bit of the sound. Noise-canceling headphone are used in different places like in the street, when traveling or when relaxed at home. Some of these headphones are fitted with microphones which will allow you to make clear and audible calls.

Different noise-canceling headphones are made with different materials. They are also available at different costs depending on the brand. The different headphones have various sound output depending on the type of speaker used in making it. Below are some of the pros and cons related to noise-canceling headphone we have in the market today.

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There are many Pros related to noise-canceling headphone. Some are;

  • Active noise-canceling feature

The active noise-canceling feature will help you hear every bit of the audio comfortably. The active noise-canceling feature operates by reducing all the undesirable ambient audios with the help of the active noise control property. This makes it easy and comfortable for one to enjoy music without raising its volume high hence your eardrum will be safe.

  • Ambient mode

With ambient mode, you will be able to listen to announcements made without you removing your headphones out. This makes it best for use when traveling using a plane.

  • Inbuilt microphone

With the help of inbuilt microphones, you will be able to make clear calls when with noise-canceling headphones.

  • Best for students and office staff

More students find it hard to concentrate in a noisy environment. Using noise-canceling headphones it will greatly help in reducing noise that distracts them hence they will have a comfortable environment to operate from.

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With noise-canceling headphones, you will be able to have private office work without sound distraction from your peers.

  • Comfort

Most of the noise-canceling headphones have ear cups that are made using soft material. This makes them comfortable in your ear. They also cover your ear comfortably hence noise will also be isolated giving you ample time when listening to your music. Some noise-canceling headphones have a headband that is padded giving you more comfort as possible.

Also, some are foldable which makes it easy for one to pack and carry around with you.

  • Reduces mental fatigue

Noise-canceling headphones will allow you to hear sound with low-frequency sound only. Your brain won’t be fed with more unnecessary and distracting sound hence it has minimal information to process. This will allow you to enjoy the music for a long time without issue.

  • Best quality sound

With noise-canceling headphones, you will be able to get every bit of the audio. There exist more types on noise-canceling headphone which give out good bass and treble. Some are compatible with mobile phone applications that have an EQ setting hence you will be free to set the audio sound the way you like it.


  • Expensive

Most of the noise-canceling headphones have complex make which makes it more expensive than normal headphones. The additional cost is brought about by the improved technology used when making the noise-canceling technology.

  • May change the audio quality

Noise-canceling technology may alter the quality of the sound and bring about some high-frequency-hiss. This is brought about by the alteration of noise and as a result, the audio quality is compromised.

  • Heavy and bulk
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Noise-canceling headphones are heavy and bulky because they include the use of batteries & other extra electronics which is needed to make noise-canceling feature effective. Remember noise-canceling headphones are not suitable for use in environments where the unexpected loud sound is the present example being gunshots or big rocks falling.

  • Consumes more power

The internal components which makes noise-canceling headphones require more power for them to operate. This means that you should have a portable source of power for you to enjoy your music for a longer time. This makes it cumbersome for you when traveling.

  • Not all sound is blocked

The noise-canceling headphone does not block all the noise from outside. This may create inconvenience when listening to your audio. Some of the people that use noise-canceling headphones have raised complaints about the humming-sound when they wear these headphones. This may create discomfort to your eardrum when you wear the headphones. Individuals that are so sensitive to their ears can’t use this headphone for long.

  • Miss important sound

In some cases, if the announcement was made in the low tone you will probably miss it. Also when on a road walking, you are likely to be hit by a vehicle.


Noise-canceling headphone are best for use when traveling in a plane or truck. Also when in the street and you need to enjoy the music or make a phone call. Some good noise canceling earbuds are wireless which gives you convenient operation. With it, you will have a hands free operation which is safer for drivers. With noise-canceling headphones, you will be required to be cautious especially when at the road or when you are walking at places with a high rate of crime because a person may attack you from behind without you knowing.

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