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Heicoin is the company that has been serving the customers since 1972 with the best quality engineering equipment. The company very well follows the standards so that there is no compromise over the quality and the consumers are highly satisfied. The company is very much successful in providing the best quality training to all the employees following various existing standards so that the tasks can be performed with a huge amount of efficiency and productivity.

 Some of the product categories of the company have been mentioned as follows:

  1. The soil testing-based equipment: The company has a wide range of soil testing equipment. Some of the most common products are moisture-based meters, liquid limits, Field density-based equipment, strength measurement equipment, equipments for the consolidation, relative density based equipments, calibration equipment, measuring devices and many more things. Using all such types of equipment is the very first step in the planning of construction so that the best quality of soil can be chosen for construction. Soil inspection plays a very crucial role and all these equipments help in fulfilling the purposes of the company.
  1. Rock testing-based equipment: The Company also provides a wide range of rock testing-based equipment. Some of the most common ones are the ruling machines, lapping machines, testing equipment, pressure controllers, flat jacks and many more things. All such machines are used in different sizes of stones and concrete. A proper study must be conducted for all such things so that the best site can be chosen for the construction. Testing can be further bifurcated into bench type and tubular type so that rock material can be classified very easily to achieve the goals.
  1. The concrete-based equipment: This particular company also provides various kinds of material testing equipment. The cement and concrete base equipment includes sampling, finance, soundness, consistency and many more things. Some of the equipment is automatic and they can help in measurement of temperature automatically side-by-side they also provide the facility to configure and monitor various types of cements. Under this category, the aggregates testing is also there which includes various equipment like hydraulic jacks, flexure testing machines, compression testing machines, cylindrical moulds and many more types of equipment so that proper kind of testing can be done.
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The company is also indulged in exports of material testing equipment worldwide in more than 20 countries like UAE, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Iran, Nigeria, UK and many more. Company provides equal opportunities to all the people so that teamwork and open communication can be encouraged and the best quality products can be produced. The company is very successfully able to retain the employees by providing the best quality packages and best quality HR practices which help them to achieve the results. With the best practices of the organization, the company has become a leader in this industry and provides the best quality product categories to the consumers and never fails to satisfy them. So, for good quality equipments, contact Heicoin

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