The Role of PM in Completing Huge Construction Projects in Record Time

The recent outbreak of coronavirus in China is the major health issue that has rocked the world. The World Health Organization has issued an advisory about the possible outcomes and precautions related to this disease. The deadly virus has taken more than 400 lives as of 5th February 2020, and over 15,000 people are affected by it in China alone. The epidemic can spread worldwide as several cases have been reported in countries as far as the USA and Denmark.

China is doing its every bit to overcome this huge problem, which can be turned into an epidemic of gigantic proportions. One of the steps taken by the Chinese government is about building a 1000-bed Hospital within a week. Yes, you read that right, a 1000-bed hospital inside six days!

There are several reasons for which most of the people who heard this news were skeptical about its eventual outcome. Just think of it for a moment, a health facility that can be built inside six days right from scratch is something out of the fairy tales. Video posted online by various sources showed the site on January 26 and was completed by February 1st. It has been built on an area of about 25,000 square meters and was an engineering feat along with a sheer story of determination and skills.

The project management aspect is something that must be taken into consideration so that to know how such a huge project can be completed within six days. Let me offer you an overview as to how such a project can be completed if started, for example, a five-star hotel with other recreational facilities too.

Factors to Consider

The site of the proposed hotel, soil structure, and record of buildings constructed in the area are very important factors to be considered. The company trying to construct such a huge project within days will want to get their hands on a site as quickly as possible. But in their quest for the land, a project manager (PM) needs to keep a check on the ambitions of the company owners.

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project management

Completing a project in record time is a great feat and must be lauded. But if owners of the project may try to expedite the process too quickly, the PM must warn them that such a practice won’t be tolerated. After all, you are not going for a world record but rather constructing a hotel that will host hundreds of guests at any given moment. So, the safety measures for the building like fire exits and earthquake-resistant structures are critical.

So, in any case, the PM needs to think about the site with a magnifying glass and building as just the feasibility report in this concern may take some time.

Starting the Project with a Bang

The start of the project right from the initial phase of making the blueprint of the project and sitemap of the proposed site, there are several other aspects which are needed to be considered. The role of the project manager here is vital. And an experienced project manager is needed as these projects are one of a kind.

Companies looking for such a PM will have a hard time locating one. So, for a company starting such a project, these aspects are necessary to be considered.
While the Chinese government has finished this huge project we are talking about, it doesn’t mean that it is easy to accomplish this feat. There have been several instances in this past, particularly in the Middle East and even in the US that a project management was shelved even after millions of dollars were invested in the initial design, research and development phase. The reasons can be aplenty. Let me offer you some of them in brief here.

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A huge project like a skyscraper consisting of 80 plus floors can be a monumental one, even if the completion time is one year or later. Several constraints like lack of capital or environmental issues with the way the project is being taken care of can be the final nail in the coffin. Compare this to the hospital project in 6 days; even though the project will pale in comparison for a skyscraper, the completion time of only six days will make it even tougher than the skyscraper one.

Initial Phase of Project

The six use of project management methodologies can be one good way to start the project and think about making a solid start rather than looking to speed up the proceedings. Surely, the time is a big constraint here that the PM and the entire team has to consider. But the basics of project management and how things work in any project cannot be thrown out of the door just for the sake of saving time. This practice will be harmful to the project instead of facilitating expediting it.

Right from PM and the entire team working on the project, the time factor must be in mind, but this doesn’t have to be the sole factor to keep in mind. Keeping to the basics but devising some new steps in this concern is the way to go. The experience of PM, as mentioned before, can well decide the fate of the project and can lead in the right direction. An experienced PM can think of ways to move the project swiftly without compromising on the safety aspects.

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The complete detail about how this project can be completed and is another topic, but a PM and supervisors can make things easy for them in several ways. The use of a task management software so that they can oversee the performance of their team is one way to make the running of the daily operations smooth and hassle-free. This is good for the team members too so that their performance can be monitored at every level and any discrepancy can be pointed out right on time.

Final Word

If you think you can add something valuable to this blog or have something to say here, you are more than welcome. Please use the comments section below in this concern.

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