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If you are new to DFS (Daily Fantasy Sports) then read on because it’s easy to play and allows you to watch an entire slate of games with rapt attention even if your favorite team is not on the docket. Whether you are a fan of the NFL, NBA, NHL, MLB, or even MMA there is a spot for you at the table. Even NASCAR, PGA Tour events, and video games like League of Legends are also in the mix so if you have been thinking of getting in the game then don’t hesitate because sites like DraftKings and FanDuel will welcome you with open arms!

Interestingly enough, the advent of daily fantasy sports paved the way for online sports betting to become much more accepted in the mainstream. Even the North American professional sports leagues that have long wagged their finger at the mere mention of fans wagering on their events has mellowed somewhat.
The NFL has been the most vocal about the perils of betting and how it could impeach the integrity of their game. But the irony is, the NFL attracts more gambling dollars than the other three leagues combined which illustrates why a game being broadcast between two lousy teams somehow musters enough of a ratings bonanza that the TV rights keep soaring and the NFL keeps making big money because of it.

For years, NFL commissioners like Roger Goodell have been outspoken critics of sports betting but once the allure of all that DFS money came knocking in the form of a DraftKings partnership, which is also now invested in their own online sportsbook, it was too tempting to pass up and the NFL jumped in bed with what they should have viewed as a nemesis.

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It was all hogwash anyway because anyone with a scintilla of common sense knew that the NFL could pontificate endlessly about the dangers of sports betting and still reap the enormous financial benefits derived from it. The party line was that their players could be cajoled with cash to throw or fix a game.

However, that logic went right out the window about 40 years ago when players began making millions to play the game they loved. No one is going to sacrifice a four-year, $50 million deal to put the fix in for $50K. The math doesn’t make sense, nor the logic, yet the NFL had held on so long to this failed rationale that it was impossible to let go.
In fact, there was no need to welcome sports betting, legal or otherwise, because people were doing it anyway and the NFL could publicly hold their nose while they privately counted their money. But once DFS came into play and the Oakland Raiders sought a move to the gambling mecca of the world, Las Vegas, the charade was all the more ludicrous.

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The NFL is the crown jewel of DFS but its rules follow a familiar pattern to all daily fantasy sports regardless of the event. DraftKings, the leader in DFS, has showdown games that feature only one game, and contestants can pick their team based on the players on both teams. Yet, most of the big-money contests will consist of players on all teams playing throughout that day and evening.

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Entry fees normally range from 10 cents to $20 with the bigger the entry the higher the payouts. Contestants get a mythical bankroll of $50,000 to spend on a roster of eight players with superstar players costing the most while the pine jockeys cost very little.

The trick is to get the right combination because the salary cap won’t allow you to build a team of All-Stars. Oh, and you can’t have all eight players on one team, DraftKings forces you to choose at least one player from another team.

Every fan would love to be the general manager of a professional sports franchise and DFS allows them to do just that. That is why it has taken flight and its popularity is soaring each year.

“With a favorable fourth quarter sports calendar and strong marketing execution, DraftKings was able to generate tremendous customer acquisition and engagement that propelled us to $322 million in fourth-quarter revenue, a 98% year over year increase,” said Jason Robins, DraftKings’ co-founder, CEO, and Chairman of the Board. “In the fourth quarter of 2020, we saw MUPs increase 44% to 1.5 million and ARPMUP increase 55% to $65. We are raising our revenue outlook for 2021 due to our expectation for continued growth, the outperformance of our core business, and newly launched states that were not included in our previous guidance.”

Whether your favorite sport is football, baseball, basketball, hockey, MMA, auto racing, or even golf, there is a place for you to get into the game whether it be at DraftKings, FanDuel, or any other major DFS site that could make you a millionaire overnight!

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