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Things to Consider Before Buying a Phone as a Gift?

A gift is the greatest gesture to show your love for someone be it a friend, relative or a dear one. Smartphones can turn out to be great gifts, but while buying them, one has to face some unique challenges. That is because you are buying it for someone else and not for your own self. Explained below are some details that one should consider when gifting a smartphone:

Know when they need an upgrade

In order to give someone a gift, you have to find out how long ago your recipient bought his or her current phone. Find out if they need an upgrade and check if the respective manufacturers have an upgraded version.

Know what they want

A smartphone is a very personal gadget. You carry it around everywhere with you everyday unlike a TV. There’s a good chance that you’re interacting with it constantly throughout the day. So the handset should be intuitive otherwise the person you are going to give it to is going to get irritated pretty quickly.

Some people pay special heed to their phones and they think it as an extension of their personality. So do your thorough research, before you buy and see what kind of phone your gift recipient wants. It is also a great gift for your spouse, after marriage. As you know pretty well about the choice of your spouse. To sum it all, not everyone wants a fancy smartphone. Some people just want a cheap, easy-to-use handset that can make calls. People like minimal features. So do all the homework on which kind of features your recipient will want.

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Time the Activation

When you buy a phone, ask the carrier of your smartphone to future date the activation of the device. You can request the carrier to set the date to the day before or on the day of your gift exchange. By doing this, you won’t be paying for the service while the phone you are going to give, is sitting under the tree.

If you are giving this phone as an update to someone, by doing this you’ll also ensure that their current phone remains activated until they get the new one. Different carriers have various policies for phone activation so make sure to ask for the details from the one you are buying.

Happy gifting!

A smartphone is considered an excellent gift, but purchasing one for someone other than yourself is more complicated than shopping for other gadgets. Smartphones require a service plan to use any voice or data features unlike a tablet or a new camera.

No surprises

It is not recommended that you check on the recipient and check if he wants a cell phone or not. There are just too many variables out there, from the type of phone to the choice of carrier. You can’t activate or set up a smartphone if the other person is not present or not in contact with you.

Know the carrier

Not everyone wants to switch their smartphones even if they complain about their cell phone carriers. For example, if your spouse owns a smartphone and has an affordable service plan, and loves the phone they own with its exclusive features. then they might not want to change their phone even if the customer service provided by the carrier is awful.

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That’s why it’s considered very important that you find out if your spouse is willing to switch their phone and also make sure which carrier they’d like to use. Any carrier may be great for your recipient if its network covers your receiver’s house. If it does not then even the fanciest phone will be useless as a gift.

Think About Return

There is a grace period that comes with every smartphone. It is usually from 14 to 30 days. This time period means that you can return the phone and end the contract without paying an early cancelation fee. Just make sure that you let the recipient know how long they have to return the phone.


These are all the things that one has to consider before buying the smartphone as a gift for anyone. These little details matter a lot and to send someone a gift, it is really important that you put a thought in it so the other person likes it.

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